“The yoga breathing was fantastic in labour. It got me through my contractions without any pain relief. It was especially helpful keeping me (and my husband!) calm on the half an hour drive to the hospital. My beautiful boy arrived in four hours in the birthing pool without any problems and no stiches” Jenny, February 2014


Hello and a very warm welcome to MindBodyHaven, created to nourish and nurture you and your growing baby through Birthlight influenced Pregnancy Yoga.

I am passionate about pregnant women feeling as nurtured and nourished as possible through their pregnancies and strongly believe that Yoga facilitates this process beautifully. Along with our physical wellbeing, our emotional and mental health is central to an enjoyable pregnancy and gentle bonding experience with growing babies in the womb. Pregnancy yoga classes can really facilitate a fun, relaxing and nourishing experience during this deeply transformative and challenging time.

Using Yoga as a gentle companion through my own pregnancy combined with a long background in practicing yoga and also teaching many different groups, I have a firm belief in the benefits of this gentle, enriching practice.

I provide group and private sessions in and around Cambridgeshire and regularly add information on my facebook page, so feel free to ‘like’ it for up to date information.

Feel free to get in touch by clicking here, I am always happy to discuss your questions, and appreciate that each and every one of us is unique with individual needs.

Love and warm wishes




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