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Welcome to mindbodyhaven! I’m Eden and I help amazing people like you end emotional eating and self-criticism (so that you can finally LOVE your body and focus on living your life) WITHOUT having to drink kale smoothies all day, exercise 5x a week or get on a new diet.


I know you want to be free from these habits so that you’re no longer fazed by that tub of ice cream in the freezer and you can finally feel great about how you look!

It's not that simple though...

The media is constantly bombarding you with “the solution” to perfect health: intermittent fasting, cardio, macros, gluten-free, raw vegan… the information is paralyzing and none of it actually addresses the deeper issue.


It's so frustrating because knowing what to eat isn’t the problem. You do eat healthy. All day long… until… it’s that time of night. And then comes the inevitable bag of potato chips/chocolate/insert drug of choice.


To top it off, you feel sooo crappy afterwards. You’re trying so hard! And it’s exhausting!

There’s good news! There's an end to the struggle. It’s completely possible. 


No, seriously! 


With some deeper work (no more diets, calories or ellipticals) and some serious work on your relationship to yourself, you can end this shit for real!


You just need some clarity, direction and sometimes, step-by-step guidance!

Not sure where to start?


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