It's time to dissolve the fear & "not enoughness" preventing you from stepping into your

authentic self and

creating the life

you want.

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I’m Eden and it's my mission to help you reawaken to the reality that largest obstacle that's preventing you from experiencing love, freedom, and abundance (aka your birthright) is... you. Specifically, your programming.

Let me be clear: you've done nothing wrong. You're not at fault.


As soon as we're born, we start to receive subconscious programming, internalize fear, and often feel a deep sense of lack/"not good enough."

Don't worry - breaking free doesn't mean you have to add another stressful task to your to-do list or morning routine.


Dissolving the fear, self-criticism, lack, and insecurities standing between you & a life of divine provision is a subtraction process.


It's a remembrance.

The speed at which you remember, feel and know that there was never anything wrong with you is the speed at which you will attain your soul desires.

Going from feeling like you're never quite good enough, there's never quite enough money/time/love to go around, and like your goals are always just a tad out of reach...


to feeling celebrated & seen as exactly who you really are, experiencing that you are UNCONDITIONALLY loved & provided for (simply for being you), and realizing that you can attain your deepest desires without pain & sacrifice...


...we need to dive deep into your subconscious beliefs, self-judgment, self-criticism, embarrassment and chronic "not enoughness" and dissolve that sh*t. 

If you're ready, I mean really ready (no more blaming or projecting your experience onto others, lying to yourself or seeing yourself as a victim - trust me, I've been there - you won't be free until you choose to take full responsibility for yourself) and you want to: 


  • Stop outrunning your fear of "not good enough" and trying to prove that you are worthy/deserving/valuable (so you can finally express ALL of you & be deeply seen as your true, authentic self), 


  • Start taking responsibility for & healing the parts of you that feel rejected, abandoned, overlooked, unrecognized, un-provided for, unlovable, incapable, stuck, taken advantage of, etc. (so you can finally start experiencing a different reality - one where you are loved, seen, safe, recognized for your authentic expression and taken care of at all times),


  • Confront & move past the fear that's holding you back (so you can finally manifest the life you've always wanted and that you DESERVE - now),


then you are in the right place, my love. It's time for you to reawaken your inherent wholeness and connect with the life that you've always been meant to have.

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