Your only job is to embody love, ease and freedom.

Free Inner Child Healing Meditation


It's nice to meet you! I’m Eden and I'm 100% committed to transforming the world by embodying love - and helping others to do the same.


I'm here to remind you that you are capable of overcoming the largest obstacle preventing you (and this world) from experiencing the love, freedom, and abundance that is all of our divine birthright... that obstacle being our subconscious programming & wound patterns.

Dissolving the fear, self-criticism and shame standing between you & a life of divine provision is a subtraction process.


It's a remembrance.

The speed at which you remember, feel and embody that there was never anything wrong with you is the speed at which you will attain your soul-desires.

In order to go from feeling like you're never quite good enough, there's never quite enough money/time/love to go around, and like your goals are always just a tad out of reach...


to feeling celebrated & seen as exactly who you really are, experiencing that you are UNCONDITIONALLY loved & provided for (simply for being you), and realizing that you can attain your deepest desires without pain & sacrifice...


...we need to dive deep into your subconscious beliefs, childhood wounding, relationship patterns, chronic "not enoughness" and dissolve that sh*t. 

Here's how. I'm gonna give it to you straight - there's one thing you've got to get before we can get started: you won't be free until you choose to take full responsibility for your experience.

Then we'll get into the good stuff:

  • Learning how to stop outrunning your fear of "not good enough"/trying to prove that you are worthy/deserving/valuable so you can finally express ALL of you & be deeply seen as your true, authentic self.


  • Healing the parts of you that feel rejected, abandoned, overlooked, unrecognized, un-provided for, unlovable, incapable, stuck, taken advantage of, etc. so you can finally start experiencing a different reality - one where you are loved, seen, safe, valued, and recognized for your authentic expression.


  • Confronting & moving past the fear that's holding you back so you can finally bring the life you've always wanted and that you DESERVE into reality now.

  • Connecting you deeply to YOUR understanding of God/Goddess/Universe so that you can begin to have the embodied experience of knowing that you are loved, provided for, and supported at all times. 


If this speaks deeply to your core, then you are in the right place, my love. It's time for you to reawaken your inherent wholeness, connecting with the life and purpose that you've always been meant to live.

Start now: Inner Child Healing Meditation

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