It's time to heal your relationship to food so that who you really are can finally shine through.

Download the Inner Child Healing meditation to start unraveling the years of pain & move towards peace today



I’m Eden and I help sensitive souls like you stop being held hostage by your relationship to food so that you can actually know what it's like to LIVE again. (Without having to drink kale smoothies, exercise 7x a week or count macros).


I know you want to break out of the prison of "food issues" so that you can stop emotional eating, eat dessert without feeling guilty, stop incessantly criticizing yourself and finally LOVE your body. For real.

It's not that simple though...

The media is constantly bombarding you with “the solution” to your food & body issues: intermittent fasting, cardio, macros, gluten-free, raw vegan… the information is paralyzing and none of it actually addresses the deeper issue.


It's so frustrating because knowing what to eat isn’t the problem. You know how to eat healthy and life a healthy lifestyle. The PROBLEM is that you're either ALL IN focusing on eating healthy and exercising or you're COMPLETELY OFF THE RAILS when it comes to food. There's no in-between.


And every time you lose control over food, you feel like such a freaking failure. You’re trying so hard and it’s exhausting! But no matter how hard you try, it never seems to be enough.

There’s good news! There's an end to the struggle. Freedom is possible. It's attainable. 


No, seriously! 


With some deeper work (no more diets, calories or ellipticals) on your relationship to yourself, you can end this struggle for real!


You just need some clarity, direction and step-by-step guidance!

Not sure where to start?


Download the Inner Child Healing Meditation to start shedding the years of pain & struggle.

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