I believe in a life of

purpose, fulfillment & radiance


and self-love is the path we take to get there

Hey new friend! I'm Eden Thaler.

The good news is that the life of purpose, fulfillment & radiance - exists. And it's nearer than you think.

But it's not gonna happen if you're unhappy with your body. You simply CAN'T life your best life when you're constantly hating on yourself & feel held hostage by your relationship to food.

Transforming your relationship with food and your body means transforming your relationship to yourself.

Here are a few things that prevent you from becoming the best version of you:

  • Never quite feeling happy with how you look despite the fact that you try really hard

  • Waiting to lose weight before you do certain things you enjoy

  • Constantly being either super controlling about food OR absolutely out of control - there's no in-between

...these things are freaking exhausting. And they suck the joy, well-being and happiness out of life.

Yep, I know the struggle...

Cause that was me for years.


First let me just say, you've done a great job getting through it so far. Fighting that fight with food can take everything you’ve got & you've been working HARD (I see you).

I fought too - until I got sick & tired of it. Then I figured out how to change my eating habits once and for all to release myself from the toxic relationship I had with food. 


I’m telling you right now YOU DON’T HAVE TO KEEP FIGHTING. There’s a way to break free from the prison and never return.

Once I figured out how to transform my relationship with food & my body,

I knew there was no way I could better serve others than to help people find freedom from these soul-sucking habits. 

I became a coach to help you stop struggling with food & feel great in your body (right now) - so you can finally live your damn life (asap).

How I Ended Up Here...

(brace yourself for the awk storytime...)

ballerina me 

There was a time before the weird food stuff started - as a kid I was funny, loved putting on shows for my family and talking in accents. I was friends with everyone and happy.


Around adolescence, everything started to change. I started pursuing a professional ballet career, and my relationship with food got WEIRD. I’d be super into eating healthy, controlling everything I ate for a while and then go off the rails and swing to the other side of the spectrum, not giving a f* what I ate. I kept swinging back and forth like a pendulum and felt like there was no way out. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't just eat "normally."


I grew up & learned everything there was to know about healthy eating & lifestyle, and thought these things would solve the problem... they didn’t.

Each time I swung out of control after a period of being "in control" it felt like getting punched in the gut. I couldn't believe I was here YET AGAIN. I felt like such a failure.  


One day as I was doing yoga on the floor of my college dorm looking down at my body I was slapped across the face with the realization that at every weight I'd ever been at, even during my "thinnest" and "healthiest..."


I had never been happy or satisfied. 


I was trapped in a mental prison where no matter what I did, I wasn't satisfied. Then it hit me: all this time I'd been focusing on food to fix the problem (which I thought was my body). 


The problem wasn't food or my body. The problem was my mind.


I totally changed my perspective and started focusing on the source of my food issues (my mind) INSTEAD of the symptoms (my body) and my crazy eating habits began to heal. Instead of putting a band-aid on the bullet wound that was my eating issues, I started doing surgery. 


I finally felt confident & attractive in my body. Nothing was holding me back from pursuing my dreams anymore. I had so much energy and freedom to accomplish things I never imagined I could. And my relationship with food healed.

taken by me in India

Ok phew we're done with storytime (thank god)! Now let's talk about what makes me credible!

  • Studied human spirituality & well-being in my undergrad in order to understand the psychology of health & stress and HOW these things affect our mind & behavior

  • Learned meditation, yoga, somatic experiencing, emotional processing techniques & all things self-improvement over 200+ hours of yoga teacher training, plus hours of assisting & teaching where I learned how to uncover & uproot the subconscious habits that keep you stuck

  • Studied Eastern spiritual traditions, healthcare and holistic healing in India where I deepened my understanding of how to thrive in mind AND body

  • Became a certified holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach to really hone my ability to help you become the most fulfilled version of yourself - mind, body & spirit!


I combined what I learned about emotion processing, mindfulness & radical self-love to create a process that helps you:

  • stop obsessing over food & your body

  • stop going back and forth between controlling & feeling out of control

  • stop feeling like you have to lose weight in order to live your life or be happy

  • move beyond food & body issues to discover a life of fulfillment, ease & peace




A few of my favorite activities (besides coaching) to help you decide whether or not you want to hang out with me:

  • Watching Game of Thrones (best show ever) with my orange kitty Ziggy 

  • Online shopping Urban Outfitters sale section for super soft t-shirts (aka clothes that feel like pajamas but technically aren't)

  • Watching old live performances of Beyonce & Britney Spears on Youtube (circa 2000 - will Oops I Did it Again ever get old???)

  • Drinking coffee (or some kind of tumeric/ginger tea) & pondering the universe with friends

  • Ice cream (chocolate chip cookie dough, cookies & cream or mint chip - yes this is an activity)

One more thing before you go!

Seriously - you don't have to DIY your way out of this. Don't waste ANY more of your energy and LIFE on this exhausting crap. Save yourself the years of suffering I went through and break free. I know it can feel hopeless, but it’s possible for you to end this. I literally don’t even know you and I ALREADY believe in you. Let's connect!

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