I believe in a life of purpose, fulfillment & radiance. And that self-compassion is the path you take to get there.

Hey, I'm Eden Thaler!

The good news is that a life of purpose, fulfillment & radiance- it exists. In fact, I believe that it's your destiny, because it's all of our destiny.

However, that life is not available to you when you're trapped self-doubt, self-criticism and self-sabotaging cycles that are the result of outdated mental and emotional childhood programming. In order to truly experience a life free from shame & anxiety, and actualize your authentic desires, you have to transforming your relationship with yourself and your emotions.

Here are a few things that prevent you from being the best version of you:

  • Never quite feeling happy with how you look despite the fact that you try really hard

  • Waiting to lose weight before you do certain things you enjoy

  • Constantly being either super controlling about food OR absolutely out of control - there's no in-between

...living this way is exhausting. It sucks the joy out of life and prevents you from showing up as the person I believe you're meant to be.

I was imprisoned by food for years...

I was stuck in a cycle of restricting & binging for years, and I thought it would never end.

Until I finally had a breakthrough that changed everything. I figured out how to change my eating habits once and for all and released myself from emotional eating, dieting, and hating my body. 


This is completely possible for you, too.

Once I figured out how to heal my relationship to food, it became my mission to help others heal themselves. So I took all my personal development experience, background teaching meditation, facilitating healing gatherings, and coaching training and turned it into a path to food freedom that others could walk.

My Story


I believe we come into this world the authentic version of ourselves - there was a time before the food issues began that I was carefree, funny and enjoyed regularly doing character performances for my family.


Everything started to change when I started pursuing ballet professionally. I became obsessed with restricting, viciously critical of my body and developed an eating disorder.


For years I was in a constant state of attempting to control everything I ate and fixating on health fads, because if I relinquished control for 1 second, my eating turned uncontrollable and I'd be unable to stop myself.


ballerina me 

This resulted in periods of being super thin (but miserable and lifeless) or carrying extra weight (for my unique body's homeostasis) and feeling disgusting and ashamed, but never able to just eat "normally" or maintain a "regular" weight (a foreign concept to me at the time). 


I tried all of the things: vegetarian, raw vegan, the Kind diet, a whole foods diet, eating high fat, grass-fed, organic, nutrient dense animal products, an Ayurvedic diet & lifestyle, therapy, ecstatic dance, studying with a spiritual teacher to try and reach enlightenment, and none of it fixed me.

Until one day, driving home in a flow state, something clicked.


No matter how hard I tried to control & maintain my weight, I always ended up in the exact same place: losing control, emotional eating, gaining weight, wondering how I let this happen, and resolving to try harder next time...


...and I had done that countless times.


In that moment, I realized that my problem wasn’t that I didn't have enough willpower. Restriction & control are brittle. Famine always led to feast. 


I suddenly understood that the only path to freedom had to begin with acceptance of my body, exactly the way it was.

Control doesn't lead to freedom.

I clearly couldn't will myself to eat like a "normal" person or maintain my ideal weight.

But this whole time I'd thought I had to will myself there because I was battling inner demons: the fear that I wasn't good enough, that I had no willpower, that I wasn't dedicated enough, that I didn't want it bad enough.

So I did the opposite from what I'd always done. Instead of trying to will myself there, I surrendered my way to freedom.


Instead of trying to outrun my fears, I dove head-first into them: the parts of me that felt like I was a failure, that I'd never be good enough, that I was disgusting, lazy and broken. Instead of fighting these parts, I embraced them. Instead of resisting them, I loved them. I spent over a year intensively investigating, uprooting, and healing these wounds from the bottom up.  

Miraculously (to me at the time), my relationship to food changed. I stopped emotional eating and haven't binged in years. I stopped trying to maintain my weight, and my body naturally found a resting point. I could eat whatever I wanted and stop when I felt full without restricting myself.

I created this program so that you can do the same. The Food Freedom Mentorship reflects the path I took to freedom: the tools, the practices, mindset shifts and the framework I used, systematized and structured so that you can facilitate your own healing, with my guidance and support.

My Background

  • Received a Bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies focused on Human Spirituality & Well-being in order to understand the psychology of health and stress, spiritual traditions across the globe, and how these components affect the mind & human behavior

  • Spent 2 years studying spiritual tantra yoga and meditation with a Himalayan lineage-steeped teacher learning meditation, breathwork, nervous system regulation, emotional processing and manifestation techniques

  • 200+ hours of yoga teacher training, experience assisting & facilitating group healing work 

  • Deepened my study of Eastern spiritual traditions and ancient healing systems while spending 4 months in India

  • Received holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach certification

  • Completed Better Coach Training in order to create a trauma-informed and consent-based coaching environment


I combined elements of meditation, emotion processing, inner child work, and reprogramming subconscious beliefs that aligns with basic brain science to create a system for liberating yourself from dieting, emotional eating, and constant self-criticism.

About Me as a Human

DSC_0044 (1).JPG
  • I live in Virginia with my partner and orange cat Ziggy, but I'm originally from NY

  • My favorite non-work hobbies include online shopping Urban Outfitters for clothes that feel like pajamas but technically aren't and watching old Britney Spears performances and interviews... I'm obsessed

  • As an introvert I'd ideally spend all my free time drinking coffee or chai tea while discussing the universe with a friend

  • Here's everything you need to know to analyze me: INFJ, Enneagram 2, Aries Sun, Gemini Moon, Leo Rising

Reminder - you are not alone

And you deserve to be free, fully free. If you're interested in learning more about how I can support you in healing your relationship to food, you can book a complimentary consultation call with me here.