It's time to start living your freakin life.

It's not that you don't care. Actually, you care A LOT. About a lot of things. ESPECIALLY when it comes to food & your body. But even though you've tried SO HARD to fight your relationship to food & to get in control of your weight, your goals remain distant and evasive. You're stuck, and you're starting to feel a littleeee hopeless.

  • You're perpetually in a state of trying to maintain or lose weight, but can't escape inevitable periods of weight gain that leaves you thinking "How could I have let this happen? I've failed yet again."

  • No matter how long you are "in control" or being "good" with what you eat, there comes a point where you break and emotional/stress eat and feel completely out of control.

  • You are waiting to buy clothes, go out with friends or date, constantly postponing things you want to do until you achieve a certain weight but it feels like that moment never comes.

  • You so badly want to be in an awesome relationship or to improve the one you have, but it's hard because you feel unattractive, don't want to be seen as you are or you feel uncomfortable in your body.

  • Even though your body & food is a constant focus, no matter how hard you try it’s never enough. Despite the energy & space it takes up in your life, you're never satisfied with your body and it's starting to feel like life is passing you by.



You want more out of life... 

& deep down you KNOW it can be different. This isn't your natural state.

You KNOW that this shit is holding you back and you want to let go of it.

You KNOW it's about time you break out of this prison.

I hear you loud and clear, friend. I’ve BEEN there and thought there was no way out of the constant struggle I had with food. It was slowly sucking my soul away and ruining my life!


It took time, but I finally made the choice to leave that shit behind in pursuit of a better life...

Here’s what will happen when you work through these things:

  • You stop feeling like a failure when your weight fluctuates and no longer have to be diligent or controlling over your weight, because you trust yourself to eat what, when, and how much you want & need without feeling guilty.

  • You notice fewer instances of emotional eating and the urge to overeat diminishes without leaving you feeling deprived or restricted because you’ve finally worked through the emotional baggage at the root of your relationship to food.

  • You’re splurging on clothes & experiences you’ve always wanted, pushing past your comfort zone because you finally feel like you have the permission & confidence to do so.

  • You’re fully prepared for the relationship you’ve always wanted, because you finally feel comfortable in your body and ready to receive the same love from others that you’ve finally given to yourself.

  • You’ve finally freed up the space in your head and your heart to move on and enjoy your life. You are no longer waiting to arrive at your goals in the distant future. You have finally arrived.

I get it. Sounds great but… how? Is this actually… possible? LOL

I know!! That’s exactly what I would have said if someone had told me that freedom was an option when I was struggling with food & body. Knowing what I know now, I just wish someone could have shown me the way SOONER so I didn’t have to waste so much time.

"My struggle with food and my body was a silent one. I seemed healthy and active, doing all the "right" things on the outside, but inside I was constantly stressing over my weight and food. 


I was either 100% doing everything I could possibly think of to lose weight, or I was absolutely off, doing everything I had determined as "wrong."


By finally working through where these things were coming from, I have been freed. Diving into life without these toxic ideas around food and body and letting go of old habits that were no longer serving me, allowed me to see I was capable of having the life I'd dreamed of all along.


I've settled back into my body, listening to it again and learning to let it be so that I can grow and thrive in a life that finally feels like a reflection of me."

- Breanne


A 12-week program that will help you break free from your current mindset & behavior around food and your body and move you towards FREEDOM in your life, body and food relationship.

It’s time to break out of the soul-sucking relationship you’re in with food and your body and start walking towards the life you’ve always wanted.


THE FOOD FREEDOM BLUEPRINT is all about transforming your relationship with food & your body so that you can stop binge eating without feeling deprived, stop obsessing over food & body and finally start healing your relationship to food for good.

I know you’ve been trying for SO LONG and there’s a part of you that believes that while other people might be able to eat “normally,” you’ll never be able to find freedom in your relationship to food. 


And you’re not alone. Here’s what other people have said about their experience…

"For as long as I can remember I've struggled with food. I've been in a prison. I've been at war with myself and food. I felt so alone and like there was no solution. Never happy at any weight, always obsessing over what food I put or don't put in my mouth. Feeling like I'm always white knuckling it and ALWAYS giving in.


I signed up for this program with no expectations. I've tried everything: therapy, nutritionists, diets, food plans, not eating this, only eating that, etc. After just 4 weeks I feel myself shifting.


A lifetime of torture is being replaced by acceptance and peace.


It's hard but worth it. For me my health, well-being and freedom is priceless, even during this uncertain financial time I knew this was something I needed to keep as a priority!!! You are not alone and you are worthy of food freedom!"

- Finley

Hey! I’m Eden.


My struggle with food & my body stole years from my life, until I finally got fed up and decided to make a change and start rebuilding it from the roots up. I’m so passionate about this topic that I made it my goal to help others do the same.


I tried every diet and food philosophy on the face of the earth hoping that when I discovered the “right” one, I would finally stop the back and forth between doing "well"/being "in-control" of my weight and being completely out of control, emotional eating at every turn.


After years of switching on and off between dieting and binge eating (and feeling like a total failure) I had a revelation as I drove home from a friend's house in Richmond, VA.


No matter how much I tried to control my weight and my body, it was NEVER enough.


At that moment, I realized that my problem wasn’t that I didn't have enough willpower. True freedom could never be attained through more control. 


True freedom had to come through acceptance. It was then that I realized I needed to learn to love & accept myself unconditionally I EVER was going to truly be free.


From that moment on I started to uncover the path to heal my food issues once and for all, and ultimately became a coach so that I can guide you through this journey!

- Sarah L.

"I tried so hard to control my food intake and then when something shitty happened I would let myself indulge in ALL the food, leaving myself feeling ashamed and disappointed the next day. I thought the only way to stop it was with more control.

Things have drastically changed since working with Eden. I finally have the awareness and tools to heal myself. I was able to identify in real time when I was using food to stuff down an emotion. I grew in my ability to sit and be aware of what was happening with my body.

I no longer feel hopeless to myself. I know what it feels like to be empowered and to fully embrace myself."

Here's what you get when you sign up for the food freedom blueprint:

  • 12 private video calls (45-60 minutes) so you can stop trying to figure this out on your own. In these calls I'll guide you to uncover the root cause of your eating habits so that we can resolve it together. New tools and perspectives will be introduced each week, building a framework that will help you stop emotional eating and stop obsessing over food ($1200 value)

  • 12 weekly assignments & meditations walking you through the Food Freedom Blueprint Framework to specifically target the root of your food issues so that over time you genuinely heal this relationship in a lasting and meaningful way ($297 value)

  • 12 mini voice lessons delivered to you mid-week between sessions outlining the details of the week's assignment, important tips and reminders so that you won't forget what to focus on and stay on track through the entire process ($197 value)

  • 12 weekly summaries that include the key insights, themes & wins for each week, as well as your homework for each week so that you never forget what we talked about, you never feel unsure about what to focus on and you can always reference the coaching material ($197 value)

  • Ongoing text & voice support throughout the 12 weeks. This way, when things come up in the moment, you’ll have guidance available right in your pocket. You won’t feel alone or lost, and you’ll be able to make progress more quickly by addressing obstacles as they arise. ($397 value)

Total value: $2,288

Your investment: One payment of $1597 or 5 monthly payments of $379

(only 4 spots available)

When you click the button above, you’ll be sent to a form where you can schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation.


We’ll use this time to ensure we’re a perfect fit and that this  program is definitely right for you!

Here are the "secret recipe" we will use:

1. SELF REGULATION: We will begin by building self-awareness and your capacity to handle stress and emotion. By strengthening your ability to access your Medial Prefrontal Cortex (the part of your brain that regulates and contextualizes the fight or flight response) with specific breathing & mindfulness techniques, you will build immunity against being hijacked by stress and anxiety as well as the “autopilot mode” that takes over when you binge. You will build resilience that will enable you to tap into higher modes of thinking, integrate repressed emotion, and build your tolerance for stress.


2. INTEGRATION OF EMOTION: You will move beyond numbness & learn how to properly “feel” and release the emotions of anger, sadness, boredom, fear, loneliness, guilt and shame (including pent up and repressed emotions) so that they stop adversely impacting your relationship to food. Together we will trace the formation of your food relationship back to its conception in order to integrate the experiences, emotions and memories that led to this pattern being formed. You will learn practices and tools to resolve the root of this pattern so that you will be able to stop using food to cope with it. Food will become less and less necessary to use to numb, control and comfort your emotions because we will release your emotions directly.


3. RECLAIMING AGENCY: You will learn how to tap into and wield the power of your intuition to set boundaries and improve your relationships. You will use courage and self-awareness to listen and adhere to the intuition and wisdom provided by your True Self in order to stop feeling stressed out, trapped, over-extended, taken advantage of, or misunderstood in your relationships. In learning to set boundaries and honor your own needs, you will reduce the inner chaos that leads to the misuse of food as a means of control.


4. DISCIPLINED SELF-CARE: You will incorporate quality self-care practices that work to soothe your nervous system and provide high-quality, deep nourishment to your body, mind and spirit into your routine. You will culltivate the spiritual and emotional comfort that has previously been sought via food, through high-quality and lasting sources of rejuvenation instead. Through repetition and endurance, food will lose its power as more richly fulfilling activities and experiences take its place. 

How we will work together to make this happen:

THE TOOLS: Over the 12 weeks, you will receive weekly assignments and meditations to implement outside of our sessions in order for you to make progress towards achieving food freedom. These practices will include journaling exercises, visualizations, meditations, emotion-processing techniques, and more. You will have permanent access to these assignments & practices to use whenever it’s convenient for you.

THE COACHING: We will meet once a week to review successes, obstacles and address any challenges that have come up. In these sessions we will work through challenges, explore why you are using food as a drug and work to resolve this root cause. Tools and new perspectives will be introduced each session for you to work with the following week.

THE CONNECTION: Throughout the week, I will be available for support via text and voice memo. This way, when things come up in the moment, you’ll have guidance available right in your pocket. You won’t feel alone or lost, and you’ll be able to make progress more quickly by addressing obstacles as they arise.


I'm so down for this, but I can't really afford it.


Most women are losing hundreds or thousands of $$$ on diets, meal prep subscriptions, weight-loss programs, custom meal plans, nutritionists, gym memberships, personal trainers, talk therapy, exercise programs & spiritual healing, because these things won't work until you solve the root of the problem.


Consider how much money, energy & time you would save pouring into these things if you could solve the root of the problem. Consider the precious days, months and years could be spending comfortable in your body, enjoying your relationships, finally free, that you are missing out on every day that you do not take action to resolve your relationship to food.


I challenge you to ask yourself whether you truly can't afford it or if fear is holding you back from investing in healing your relationship to food. Not being able to afford something is different than not being willing to invest in something, and repeatedly saying "I can't afford this" when in fact you actually are making a choice shirks responsibility when your financial decisions are your choice. The first step here is acknowledging your role in them.⁣ Whether you're making the decision actively or passively, you’re making decisions on what you value whenever you do or don’t spend money. Think of all the various ways you could come up with extra money if you really wanted to, before you throw up your hands and say "well, I can't afford it, so this isn't available to me."

This program is priced the way it is for a reason. The time, energy and work required to be successful in this program require a certain level of commitment, dedication & readiness. The work we will do together is a lifetime investment in yourself. If you show up with the right mindset, the tools & shifts you will gain from this program will continue to impact your life long after our time together is through.

I do offer an extended payment plan if payment is the only obstacle to us working together. Let's hop on a call and flesh out the details!

Will this really work for me? I've tried everything and doubt I'll ever be able to fix this.


If you’ve tried everything else and nothing has worked, you’re in the right place. Most of the women I’ve worked with shared the same doubts as you, and that’s because they’ve only tried solutions that focus on the superficial layer, like adjusting diet, exercise, using more will-power, etc. These solutions don’t work to resolve food issues, they only provide a temporary period of relief, that always ends with falling off the bandwagon and binge eating, or gaining the weight back. Even talk therapy can be ineffective on it's own, because it doesn’t always help you release the emotions and re-pattern your nervous system to deal with stress. The women who I’ve worked with who’ve tried everything, had great results from this program (scroll down to see their feedback!)

I want to be free from emotional eating, obsessing over food & body and finally be at peace with my weight, but I am honestly afraid of diving into this work. Part of me is afraid if I open this door, I’ll drown or get stuck in whatever comes up. I don’t want to feel that sh*t!! How do I know if I’m ready?

Oh yes, I HEAR you. This fear is echoed by many of the individuals who I’ve worked with. It is 100% normal to have some fear and nerves about this process. And I’m gonna be honest with you - there will never come a day where that fear will go away or you will finally feel completely and totally “ready.” Choosing yourself and choosing to heal means taking action and committing to the process EVEN WHEN a part of you is still afraid. The question I want you to ask yourself is: do you want to make that decision today, or do you want to be in this exact same position a year, 5 years, or 10 years from now, STILL paralyzed by fear, not taking action because you are afraid of what might come up? Every day that you allow fear & doubt to hold you back, you are paying the price in the form of precious days of your life spent struggling with food & body, staying stuck in the exact same struggle you’ve been in for years.

And I’ll add this - so far, no one has drowned or been overwhelmed by what comes up. In fact, it’s quite the opposite! One past client reported, 

“My biggest hesitation was being unsure of how uncomfortable I was going to have to get. But now, I feel like I have shed off so many layers of darkness and pain. I feel lighter and happier! My mind feels more clear and free. I have worked through a lot of pain that I have been hanging onto for years. I sat with the uncomfortable feelings and emotions, brought them to surface when we would talk about them and really felt those feelings and emotions. I knew deep down that was the only way to not carry so much darkness and pain with me anymore.” - Erin S.


I’m struggling with an eating disorder - will this help me?


If you are currently working with a mental illness or eating disorder, I require that you be under the care of a mental health professional in order to participate in coaching. 


I want to sign up! What's the next step?


Right now, all you have to do is book a consultation call, where we will go over all of the details and get started!

Friend - After reading all of this, I want you to ask yourself: what are you still waiting for when it comes to healing your relationship with food? If something in side of you is whispering "I think I need this..." but you're still afraid, do yourself a favor and listen to that voice anyway. Do not waste any more of your life. You do not have to figure this out on your own, struggling for YEARS more.  Do not put off healing any longer. You deserve to live a life free from this shit, and you deserve that life NOW.

if you're saying "yes! this is for me!"

Let's set up a quick free consultation call so we can get to know eachother and make sure it's a great fit!

"I was really struggling with being uncomfortable in my body and always struggling with food. I have hated my body for years and never felt good enough. I would eat “good” for awhile and then eat “bad” for awhile. I was constantly worrying about what I ate and if I ate “bad” I would feel like a failure for eating “bad."

Now, my relationship to food comes from a place of freedom. I don’t beat myself up for enjoying a piece of chocolate cake when I want it. I naturally want to feed my body more nourishing foods because they make me feel better. I have built up so much awareness over the past several weeks that I don’t want as much of the sugar and junk food as before. I’m aware of my good days and my bad days because that’s how life is, full of ups and downs and twists and turns. I eat what I want, when I want and don’t beat myself up over what I have eaten. This is such a profound goal of mine, as I have craved to feel this way for a very long time.


I bought a big bag of M & M’s the other day. I ate a small handful of them and was able to seal the bag up without continuing to reach for more. I had the awareness that I was satisfied to stop eating them. Before, I would have eaten almost the entire bag and felt sick afterwards.


My mind feels more clear and free. I have worked through a lot of pain that I have been hanging onto for years. I sat with the uncomfortable feelings and emotions, brought them to surface when we would talk about them and really felt those feelings and emotions. I knew deep down that was the only way to not carry so much darkness and pain with me anymore."

- Erin S.

More wins from food freedom blueprint participants!

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