It's time to start living your life for YOU.

You've got big dreams. Big goals. You care SO MUCH and there's so much you want to give to the world. And honestly, you're pretty capable and deep down you KNOW you could do amazing things.


But it’s a littleeee hard to do that when you're enslaved by your relationship to food.

Especially when it comes to food and your body. You never seem to reach your goals, and you feel crushed by your own standards.

  • You give your all to school or work, but feel like your weight or body still gets in the way of you really being confident, successful and happy in your career.

  • You constantly taking care of the people around you but when it comes to YOU all you have is criticism and being hard on yourself.

  • You're avoiding dating or struggle in your relationship, because you feel like you need to be thinner to be attractive.

  • You're either anxiously counting every cracker or downing oreos like there's no tomorrow - there's no in-between, no balance and you're tired of the up & downs.

  • No matter how hard you try to manage your weight, you never feel good enough. You feel miserable despite your efforts and you just want to FEEL BETTER… it’s freaking exhausting!



You want to be FREE from this shit and it’s about time! 


You know that there is more to life than this.

You know that deep down, you are more than just your relationship to food.

You know that it’s time to break out of this prison.

I get you, friend. I’ve been there and thought there was no way out of the imprisonment I felt in my relationship to food. It was slowly sucking my soul away and ruining my life!


But I finally made the choice to leave that shit behind in pursuit of a better life...

Here’s what will happen when you work this process:


  • You feel confident pursuing meaningful personal and professional goals because your body or weight is no longer holding you back.

  • You’re in deep, caring relationships because you feel confident and comfortable in your body and you're not afraid to be seen!

  • You can finally splurge on yourself and live a little because you feel liberated and allowed to LIVE your LIFE, and truly enjoy things. 

  • You can eat dessert without going hog wild and easily stop when you’re full because food no longer has control over you and you’re finally free.

  • You stop flipping back and forth between dieting and binge eating and can finally eat with balance and peace.

I get it. You want these things, but it’s like… how? Is this actually… possible? LOL.

I know. That’s exactly what I would have said if someone had told me that this was possible back then. Knowing what I know now, I just wish someone could have shown me that there was another way sooner so I didn’t have to waste so much time.

- Breanne

"My struggle with food and my body was a silent one. I seemed healthy and active, doing all the "right" things on the outside, but inside I was constantly stressing over my weight and food. 


I was either 100% doing everything I could possibly think of to lose weight, or I was absolutely off, doing everything I had determined as "wrong."


By finally working through where these things were coming from, I have been freed. Diving into life without these toxic ideas around food and body and letting go of old habits that were no longer serving me, allowed me to see I was capable of having the life I'd dreamed of all along.


I've settled back into my body, listening to it again and learning to let it be so that I can grow and thrive in a life that finally feels like a reflection of me."


A 12-week journey that will help you break free from your current mindset around food and your body and move you towards FREEDOM with food and a life you love.


It’s time to break out of the soul-sucking relationship you’re in with food and your body and start walking towards the life you’ve always wanted.


THE FOOD FREEDOM BLUEPRINT is all about gracefully transforming your relationship to food from one of stress, shame and guilt to one of freedom, empowerment and love so you can finally stop fighting with food and start living your freakin’ life!

I know you’ve been trying for SO LONG and there’s a part of you that believes that while other people might be able to eat “normally,” you’ll never be able to find freedom in your relationship to food. 


And you’re not alone. Here’s what other people have said about their experience…

Hey! I’m Eden.


My struggle restricting and binge eating stole years from my life until I finally decided to make a change. I’m so passionate about healing this relationship with food that I made it my goal to help you do the same.


I tried every diet on the face of the earth hoping that when I discovered the “right” one, I could finally end the binge eating and stop feeling out of control.


After years of switching on and off between dieting and binge eating, (and feeling like a total failure) I had a revelation sitting on the floor of my college dorm room after doing a yoga class on YouTube.


Through all the years of my ups and downs with my weight and food, I had never felt happy or content with my body. 


At that moment, I realized that my problem wasn’t food. 


It was what was going on in my brain.


From that moment on I started to learn how to heal my food issues once and for all, and  decided to become a coach so that I can share this journey with you!

- Sarah

"I tried so hard to control my food intake and then when something shitty happened I would let myself indulge in ALL the food, leaving myself feeling ashamed and disappointed the next day. I thought the only way to stop it was with more control.

Things have drastically changed since working with Eden. I finally have the awareness and tools to heal myself. I was able to identify in real time when I was using food to stuff down an emotion. I grew in my ability to sit and be aware of what was happening with my body.

I no longer feel hopeless to myself. I know what it feels like to be empowered and to fully embrace myself."

Here's what you get when you sign up for the food freedom blueprint:

  • 12 private video calls (45-60 minutes) so you can stop trying to figure this out on your own + audio recordings of each call for you to save ($1200 value)

  • 12+ personalized voice recordings that help you stay focused in your mindset and create new, healthy patterns around your relationship to food throughout the week ($47 value)

  • 12 Weekly Reflections worksheets so that you can come into each session ready to get the most out of it and target challenges from the past week ($47 value)

  • 12 email summaries detailing highlights from each session so that you don’t forget key themes and insights from each week and stay on track with goals ($97 value)

  • Weekly custom exercises and action plans to specifically target the root of your food issues so that over time you genuinely heal this relationship in a lasting and meaningful way ($197 value)

  • Ongoing text & voice support throughout the 12 weeks so that as things come up, you can get support in the moment instead of waiting until your next session ($197 value)


YOUR INVESTMENT: $1295 or 4 payments of $325

Only 3 spots available!

When you click the button above, you’ll be sent to a contact form to schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation.


We’ll use this time to ensure we’re a perfect fit and this coaching program is definitely right for you!


I just want to lose weight - will this help me? 


  • This program is not a weight-loss, diet or exercise plan. While these topics may be a part of our conversation, this process focuses on the mindset & emotions that affect your behavior and relationship to food. The idea is that when we address the mental & emotional layers, your relationship to food will naturally become more balanced.


I'm so down for this, but I feel like I can't really afford it.


  • I offer an extended payment plan option to break up the payments (message me for more info). I encourage you to consider how much time, energy & freedom you would gain for the rest of your life if you didn’t have to struggle with these exhausting cycles anymore. When considering the price of this program, keep in mind the value of having time & energy freed up for the rest of your life!

How will working on myself help with food & body issues? Don't I need to adjust my diet?


  • Your relationship to food goes deeper than a new diet or work out plan. While going on another diet might help in the short term, it's not going to solve things in the long-term. Think of it like a band-aid vs. surgery - if you are ready to stop putting band-aids on a bullet wound and start stitching it up from the root - this program is for you.


I’m struggling with an eating disorder - will this help me?


  • If you are currently working with a mental illness or eating disorder, I require that you be under the care of a mental health professional in order to start coaching. This coaching is not a solution for an eating disorder.


I want to sign up! When can we start?


  • After you book a free consultation call, I will provide you with the information to sign-up and start!

Friend - WHAT are you waiting for!? If something in side of you is whispering "I think I need this..." PLEASE listen. Do not waste any more of your life. You do not have to figure this out by struggling for YEARS longer. You deserve to live a life free from this shit, and you deserve that life NOW.

if you're saying "i'm ready! this is for me!"

Let's set up a quick free consultation call so I can get to know you and we can make sure it's a great fit!

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