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You want to be obsessed with how awesome your life is - not obsessed with food.

You’ve tried everything when it comes to diets & healthy eating. You know what you should be doing - that's not the issue. To your others, you appear healthy and perfectly fine… but inside, you sometimes feel like... a total wreck.

  • You eat healthy for a period of time & then completely lose control and end up eating your heart out & hating yourself

  • You seem fine to other people but inside you’re going crazy, feeling frustrated & guilty when you eat something you actually enjoy or go a little off the plan

  • No matter how much effort you put in and how hard you try, you never live up to your goals & you STILL feel like you're not trying hard enough, it’s your fault and you must not want it badly enough

  • You're so hung up on food & your body that it's sometimes difficult to enjoy your relationships and life

  • And the most frustrating part is that you’re aware of what’s going on - but still can't break out of it - and you’re freaking tired of it!



You want to be FREE from this shit and it’s about time! 


You know there has to be another way.

You know there’s more to life than this struggle.

And you know you'd be capable of so much more in your life if you were free from this.

Before I go on let me just say... I FEEL YOU. I know you feel this way because boy, have I been there! I knew everything there was to know about healthy eating, but that did not help me stop my cray eating patterns!


I struggled with perfectionism & body image issues that kept me in a soul-sucking food mindset for yearsss.

Even if you believe that ending these patterns might be possible, it still might feel like you’ll never get there. I’m telling you right now: NOT TRUE. It took me years of struggling before I figured out a process that actually worked and literally changed how I ate & felt about my body - permanently.


I created this program specifically to help guide you through this process and break free of frustrating habits so you can stop feeling like a failure ASAP (and finally be happy in the rest of your life too!).

Here’s what will happen when you work this process:


  • You stop flipping between controlling what you eat & emotional eating because you feel a deep sense of security & freedom around food

  • You take genuine pleasure in eating the food you love because you’ve shed the guilt and won’t need to use food to cope - it’ll be your choice

  • You’re happier, lighter and have more energy to do the things you love & pursue deeper goals because you finally feel like you deserve it and you’re good enough; there’s nothing holding you back from LIVING!

  • You’re free from the cycles & shitty mindset and instead moving towards a life of joy and satisfaction focused around the YOU that you genuinely love! 

I finally can say I have real practices/strategies I can use anywhere at anytime. These practices have been laid out in such a way that I UNDERSTAND what and why I am doing them. They are unraveling so many years of cycles I disliked or didn't know were there, so could not break. I have broken down in tears practicing these exercises because for the first time a part of me was finally being seen!

- Sarah L.

The Food Freedom Blueprint

A 4-week guided inner work journey that will take you from feeling trapped by your relationship to food to feeling amazing in your life.

It's time to replace all those draining eating habits and negative, self-critical thoughts with confidence, freedom and feeling GOOD in your body. This process will take you from feeling overwhelmed and stuck to becoming the version of yourself you genuinely LOVE & respect.

Here's what you get:

  • 4 private 45-60 minute coaching calls via Zoom or Skype where we’ll dive in deep and UNRAVEL the mindset holding you back so your emotional eating habits GO AWAY (thank god)!

  • 4+ immediately actionable assignments so that you stay juiced up & start to see results & feel better faster

  • 4 recorded video reminders that encourage you to keep making the shifts we talked about in our call plus other tips you may need throughout your week

  • Follow-up support via text & email so that when blocks comes up, you’re prepared and can work through it right away - you won’t feel alone!

Investment: $375 or 3 payments of $125


I just want to lose weight - will this help me? 


  • This coaching is not a weight-loss, diet or exercise plan. While these topics may be a part of our conversation, this process focuses on the mindset & emotions that affect your behavior and eating habits. The idea is, if we do a deep dive into your emotions (the cause of emotional eating) your eating habits will change as a result.


I'm so down for this, but I feel like I can't really afford it.


  • I do offer a payment plan option to break up the payments. I encourage you to consider how much time, energy & freedom you would gain for the rest of your life if you didn’t have to struggle with these exhausting cycles anymore. When considering the price of this package, keep in mind the value of having time & energy freed up for the rest of your life!


I’m struggling with an eating disorder - will this help me?


  • If you have been clinically diagnosed with a mental illness or eating disorder, I require that you be under the care of a mental health professional in order to start coaching. This coaching is not a solution for an eating disorder.


I want to sign up! When can we start?


  • After we have our consultation call, I will provide you with the information to sign-up and start!

if you're saying "i'm ready! this is for me!"

Let's set up a quick free consultation call so I can get to know you and we can make sure it's a great fit!