1:1 Mentorship Program

You are already enough.


You always were enough. It's time to heal the wounds that prevent you from knowing and experiencing yourself that way, deep in your bones.

It's not that you don't care enough. It's not that you're not trying hard enough. Actually, you're sorta fighting really hard. ESPECIALLY when it comes to food & your body. But even though you've tried SO HARD to fix your relationship to food & maintain your weight, your goals remain distant and evasive. You never feel like enough and sometimes feel like being stuck forever is your destiny.

  • You're perpetually in a state of trying to lose weight, but you've never felt truly happy or at home in your body, no matter what your weight has been.

  • No matter how long you're "in control" or being "good," there comes a point where you break and emotionally eat. This leaves you feeling like a total failure, like "how could I let this happen? What's wrong with me?"

  • You're waiting to buy clothes or reward yourself with food or experiences until you achieve a certain weight but it feels like that moment never comes.

  • You so badly want to be in an awesome relationship or to improve the one you have, but it's hard because you don't want to be seen as you are and you're uncomfortable in your body.

  • Even though your body & food is a constant focus, no matter how hard you try it’s never enough. Despite the energy & space it takes up in your life, you're never satisfied with your body and it's a total soul-suck. It feels like there's some sort of invisible block between you and freedom.



You know there's more to life... 

& deep down you KNOW there's more to the puzzle. This isn't who you are.

You KNOW that this is holding you back from being the person you were born to be.

You KNOW it's time to break out of this pattern so you can actually live your life.

I see you and hear you. I know it's NOT easy. There were times I thought there was absolutely no way out of the constant fight I fought against food & my body. It was slowly sucking my soul away and killing my spirit.


It took time, effort and finally figuring out the "secret recipe" but I finally found a way to let go of the struggle and find true liberation and you can, too.

Here’s what food freedom looks like:

  • You can finally get off the treadmill of constantly losing or maintaining your weight because you finally feel at peace with where you're at and trust your body to put itself exactly where it needs to be.

  • You notice few to no instances of emotional eating without leaving you feeling deprived or restricted (in face you feel more loved, comforted and fulfilled than ever before) because you know how to meet the emotional needs that food is currently fulfilling in a healthy way.

  • You finally have permission to enjoy the things that were rewards for "good behavior" (without binging) on a regular basis because you've finally arrived at where you want to be. The battle is over.

  • You attract deeply fulfilling relationships where you feel seen, safe & respected because you're ready to receive the same love & validation from others that you’ve finally given to yourself.

  • You feel lighter, happier, and more grateful to be alive. You've turned your wounds into wisdom and uncovered the gifts buried beneath your pain.

"My struggle with food and my body was a silent one. I seemed healthy and active, doing all the "right" things on the outside, but inside I was constantly stressing over my weight and food. 


I was either 100% doing everything I could possibly think of to lose weight, or I was absolutely off, doing everything I had determined as "wrong."


By finally working through where these things were coming from, I have been freed. Diving into life without these toxic ideas around food and body and letting go of old habits that were no longer serving me, allowed me to see I was capable of having the life I'd dreamed of all along.


I've settled back into my body, listening to it again and learning to let it be so that I can grow and thrive in a life that finally feels like a reflection of me."

- Breanne

The Food Freedom

Mentorship Program

A 6-month program that will help you unravel, heal & uplevel your relationship to food and move you towards freedom and peace with food and your body.

Freedom isn't just possible, it's your destiny. There is so much more to life than this, and it's time to break out of the soul-sucking relationship you’re in with food so that you can start creating the life you’ve always wanted.


The 1:1 Mentorship is all about transforming your relationship with food & your body so that you can stop emotional eating without feeling deprived, and without having to perpetually grip the steering wheel in order to control your body.

"For as long as I can remember I've struggled with food. I've been in a prison. I've been at war with myself and food. I felt so alone and like there was no solution. Never happy at any weight, always obsessing over what food I put or don't put in my mouth. Feeling like I'm always white knuckling it and ALWAYS giving in.


I signed up for this program with no expectations. I've tried everything: therapy, nutritionists, diets, food plans, not eating this, only eating that, etc. After just 4 weeks I feel myself shifting.


A lifetime of torture is being replaced by acceptance and peace.


It's hard but worth it. For me my health, well-being and freedom is priceless, even during this uncertain financial time I knew this was something I needed to keep as a priority!!! You are not alone and you are worthy of food freedom!"

- Finley

Meet Your Guide

Hi, I’m Eden!


My struggle with food & my body kept my authentic self buried for years, until I finally got to the root of the unworthiness, fear & shame that was causing my unhealthy relationship to food in the first place.


As a result of healing myself, I became so passionate about living free from the shame & struggle that I made it my mission to help others do the same.

My Story

I tried every diet, food philosophy and spiritual healing technique on the face of the earth hoping that when I discovered the “right” one,  it would finally fix my battle with food.


After years of swinging back and forth between dieting and emotional eating, with no in-between, wondering how in the world everyone else seemed to eat "normally" while I couldn't maintain a "normal" weight for the life of me (and didn't even know what that looked like) I had a revelation driving home from dinner at a friend's house.

No matter how hard I tried to control & maintain my weight, I always ended up in the exact same place: losing control, emotional eating, gaining weight, wondering how I let this happen, and resolving to try harder next time...


...and I had done that countless times.


In that moment, I realized that my problem wasn’t that I didn't have enough willpower. Restriction & control are brittle. Famine always led to feast. 


I suddenly understood that the only path to freedom had to begin with acceptance of my body, exactly the way it was.

Control doesn't lead to freedom.

I clearly couldn't will myself to eat like a "normal" person or maintain my ideal weight.

But this whole time I'd thought I had to will myself there in order to prove that I was enough, that I had willpower, that I was dedicated, that I wanted it bad enough.

So I did the opposite from what I'd always done. Instead of trying to will myself, I surrendered my way to freedom.


Instead of trying to outrun my fears, I dove head-first into them: the parts of me that felt like I was a failure, that I'd never be good enough, that I was disgusting, lazy and broken. Instead of fighting these parts, I embraced them. Instead of resisting them, I loved them. I spent over a year intensively investigating, uprooting, and healing these wounds from the bottom up.  

Miraculously (to me at the time), my relationship to food changed. I stopped emotional eating and haven't binged in years. I stopped trying to maintain my weight, and my body naturally found a resting point. I could eat whatever I wanted and stop when I felt full without restricting myself.

I created this program so that you can do the same. The Food Freedom Mentorship reflects the path I took to freedom: the tools, the practices, mindset shifts and the framework I used, systematized and structured so that you can facilitate your own healing, with my guidance and support.

- Sarah L.

"I tried so hard to control my food intake and then when something shitty happened I would let myself indulge in ALL the food, leaving myself feeling ashamed and disappointed the next day. I thought the only way to stop it was with more control.

Things have drastically changed since working with Eden. I finally have the awareness and tools to heal myself. I was able to identify in real time when I was using food to stuff down an emotion. I grew in my ability to sit and be aware of what was happening with my body.

I no longer feel hopeless to myself. I know what it feels like to be empowered and to fully embrace myself."

Program Overview

Twelve 1:1 deep-dive sessions via zoom over the course of 6 months


In these sessions we'll work together to uncover the root cause of your eating habits and what emotional needs food is fulfilling for you so that you can learn how to meet those needs directly. In these sessions I will hold a safe, confidential, trauma-informed container, prompting you with questions & tools to honor your individual needs at each session. I will support you through the framework and help you to track what's really driving your relationship to food and help you shift it on the deepest, subconscious level. 

The Freedom Map


6 month access to the self-paced digital course that will walk you through my system for healing and teach you how to self-heal so that you can continue to grow your capacity for freedom and self-compassion and self-facilitate the brain science-based tools we'll practice in coaching infinitely beyond our time together. By working through the online videos, written lessons, guided meditations and visualizations alongside coaching, you will discover that you have everything you need to heal already within you. 



Personalized assignments designed to help you integrate the emotions linked to your relationship to food so that this work doesn't just give you more self-awareness or stay surface level, it actually helps you to release these patterns & heal the core wounding that's manifesting through your relationship to food, for good. Example assignments include meditations, writing exercises designed to bring forth subconscious patterning and release repressed emotion, visualizations, spoken out-loud emotion release work, and body-based practices for activating the parasympathetic nervous system.

Access to Support

I hold office hours via Voxer and am also available via email support throughout our time together so that you'll always have customized support that can help get you back on track when you feel lost, confused, triggered or get stuck in self-judgment beyond our time together.


You will receive a 6 month membership to the Mind Body Haven Community a space to engage with other individuals going through the process. You'll have a sounding board for questions and challenges, a place to be celebrated and seen, and connect with like-minded individuals! 


My framework blends meditation & breathwork techniques, inner child work, healing subconscious beliefs, gentle emotional processing and spiritual and energetic principals. 


While this work is informed by brain science and is trauma-aware, it may not be sufficient if you are dealing with trauma. If anything surfaces during our time together that is beyond the scope of this work, I will suggest you seek additional support. This work has supported individuals who've experienced trauma, who also see a therapist, beautifully.

Mentorship Container


As your guide and partner, I will hold an energetic container of non-judgement, unconditional presence, compassion and confidentiality. You are always empowered throughout this process- I will not do the work for you, nor will I "heal" you. While I believe we are all completely capable of healing ourselves, the gift of working together 1:1 is that I can help you more quickly track and uncover the subconscious wounds causing your relationship to food and provide targeted support based on your unique needs. I can help you to see things you may not be able to see within yourself, and help you believe in your capability to heal before you believe it yourself. This expedites the healing process, providing more clarity and ease. Clients often leave sessions having had powerful breakthroughs, realizations, emotional releases, discovering self-forgiveness, experiencing relief and deeper insight into layers they didn't even know were there! 

When you click the button above, you’ll be sent to a form where you can schedule a complimentary 30 minute consultation call.


We’ll use this time to get to know each other and determine whether this program is a good fit for you!

The Approach

1. SELF REGULATION: We will begin by building self-awareness and your capacity to handle stress and emotion. By strengthening your ability to access your Medial Prefrontal Cortex (the part of your brain that regulates and contextualizes the fight or flight response) with specific breathing & mindfulness techniques, you will build immunity against being hijacked by stress and anxiety as well as the “autopilot mode” that takes over when you binge. You will build resilience that will enable you to tap into higher modes of thinking, integrate repressed emotion, and build your tolerance for stress.


2. INTEGRATION OF EMOTION: You will move beyond numbness & learn how to properly “feel” and release the emotions of anger, sadness, boredom, fear, loneliness, guilt and shame (including pent up and repressed emotions) so that they stop adversely impacting your relationship to food. Together we will trace the formation of your food relationship back to its conception in order to integrate the experiences, emotions and memories that led to this pattern being formed. You will learn practices and tools to resolve the root of this pattern so that you will be able to stop using food to cope with it. Food will become less and less necessary to use to numb, control and comfort your emotions because we will release your emotions directly.


3. RECLAIMING AGENCY: You will learn how to tap into and wield the power of your intuition to set boundaries and improve your relationships. You will use courage and self-awareness to listen and adhere to the intuition and wisdom provided by your True Self in order to stop feeling stressed out, trapped, over-extended, taken advantage of, or misunderstood in your relationships. In learning to set boundaries and honor your own needs, you will reduce the inner chaos that leads to the misuse of food as a means of control.


4. REPARENTING: You will learn how to provide yourself with the felt-sense of love, comfort, nurturing and security in order to soothe your nervous system and provide high-quality, deep nourishment to your body, mind and spirit. You will cultivate the spiritual and emotional comfort that has previously been sought via food, through high-quality and lasting sources of rejuvenation instead. Through repetition and endurance, food will lose its power as more richly fulfilling forms of self-care take its place. 

How to know if this program is for you

  • you are ready to seriously uplevel your life and relationship to food and transform on the deepest level

  • you're committed to dedicating yourself to the work for at least 6 months and to spending 30 minutes a day on average working with the practices

  • your soul is seeking a more expanded expression in this lifetime

  • you're ready to leave behind dieting and emotional eating

  • you're open to meditation, feeling your emotions, and ready to take radical responsibility for your healing journey

This program is not for you if

  • you're looking for a quick fix or easy out

  • you're not ready to take radical responsibility for all aspects of your life and healing- no one else can do this work for you but you

  • you're not willing to show up authentically or with a willingness to try new things

  • you're not committed to spending time outside of our sessions doing the work and consistently practicing on your own

  • you want exercise/nutrition advice


I'm so down for this, but I can't afford support right now.


Many individuals are losing hundreds or thousands of $$$ on diets, meal prep subscriptions, weight-loss programs, custom meal plans, nutritionists, gym memberships, personal trainers, talk therapy, exercise programs & spiritual healing, because these things won't work until you solve the root of the problem.


Consider how much money, energy & time you would save pouring into these things if you could solve the root of the problem. Consider the precious days, months and years could be spending comfortable in your body, enjoying your relationships, finally free, that you are missing out on every day that you do not take action to resolve your relationship to food.


Ask yourself whether you truly can't afford it or if fear is holding you back from healing your relationship to food. 

Your mental peace is worth it.

The time, energy and work required to be successful in this program require a certain level of commitment, dedication & readiness. The work we will do together is a lifetime investment in yourself. If you show up with the right mindset, the tools & shifts you will gain from this program will continue to impact your life long after our time together is through.

Payment plans are available. Let's hop on a call and we can flesh out the details.

Will this really work for me? I've tried everything and doubt I'll ever be able to fix this.


If you’ve tried everything else and nothing has worked, you’re in the right place. Most of the women I’ve worked with shared the same doubts as you, and that’s because they’ve only tried solutions that focus on the superficial layer, like adjusting diet, exercise, using more will-power, etc. These solutions don’t work to resolve food issues, they only provide a temporary period of relief, that always ends with falling off the bandwagon and binge eating, or gaining the weight back. Even talk therapy can be ineffective on it's own, because it doesn’t always help you release the emotions and re-pattern your nervous system to deal with stress. The women who I’ve worked with who’ve tried everything, had great results from this program (scroll down to see their feedback!)

I want to be free from emotional eating, obsessing over food & body and finally be at peace with my weight, but I am honestly afraid of diving into this work. Part of me is afraid if I open this door, I’ll drown or get stuck in whatever comes up. I don’t want to feel that sh*t!! How do I know if I’m ready?

Oh yes, I HEAR you. This fear is echoed by many of the individuals who I’ve worked with. It is 100% normal to have some fear and nerves about this process. And I’m gonna be honest with you - there will never come a day where that fear will go away or you will finally feel completely and totally “ready.” Choosing yourself and choosing to heal means taking action and committing to the process despite the fear. Keep in mind that every day that you allow fear & doubt to hold you back, you are pushing back the timeline on your healing.

So far, no one has drowned or been overwhelmed by what comes up. In fact, it’s quite the opposite! One past client reported, 

“My biggest hesitation was being unsure of how uncomfortable I was going to have to get. But now, I feel like I have shed off so many layers of darkness and pain. I feel lighter and happier! My mind feels more clear and free. I have worked through a lot of pain that I have been hanging onto for years. I sat with the uncomfortable feelings and emotions, brought them to surface when we would talk about them and really felt those feelings and emotions. I knew deep down that was the only way to not carry so much darkness and pain with me anymore.” - Erin S.


I’m struggling with an eating disorder - will this help me?


If you are currently working with a mental illness or eating disorder, let's hop on a call to discuss things more. If you are struggling with these things or working through a lot of trauma, I require that you be under the care of a mental health professional simultaneously with this program. 


I'm interested! What's the next step?


Right now, all you have to do is book a consultation call, where we will get to know one another and determine if this program is a good fit for you. If it is, we'll get started from there!

You are worthy of freedom

Interested in working together? Have questions?

Let's set up a 30 minute consultation call so we can get to know each other and make sure it's a great fit.


"I was really struggling with being uncomfortable in my body and always struggling with food. I have hated my body for years and never felt good enough. I would eat “good” for awhile and then eat “bad” for awhile. I was constantly worrying about what I ate and if I ate “bad” I would feel like a failure for eating “bad."

Now, my relationship to food comes from a place of freedom. I don’t beat myself up for enjoying a piece of chocolate cake when I want it. I naturally want to feed my body more nourishing foods because they make me feel better. I have built up so much awareness over the past several weeks that I don’t want as much of the sugar and junk food as before. I’m aware of my good days and my bad days because that’s how life is, full of ups and downs and twists and turns. I eat what I want, when I want and don’t beat myself up over what I have eaten. This is such a profound goal of mine, as I have craved to feel this way for a very long time.


I bought a big bag of M & M’s the other day. I ate a small handful of them and was able to seal the bag up without continuing to reach for more. I had the awareness that I was satisfied to stop eating them. Before, I would have eaten almost the entire bag and felt sick afterwards.


My mind feels more clear and free. I have worked through a lot of pain that I have been hanging onto for years. I sat with the uncomfortable feelings and emotions, brought them to surface when we would talk about them and really felt those feelings and emotions. I knew deep down that was the only way to not carry so much darkness and pain with me anymore."

- Erin S.

"I had hesitations about working together because I never really took the time to sit with myself & tried to find the source of WHY I had such a horrible relationship with food. Did I really want to face that? Did I really care about my relationship with food ~that~ much or was I just blowing it out of proportion? Was this program going to be for me?


I struggled with binge eating, terrible self esteem, body dysmorphia, anxiety when it comes to food - what do I eat? Am I eating enough? Is this good for me?


After working together, I LOVE MYSELF THESE DAYS! I feel confident, full of appreciation for just having an able body to keep me alive. I finally feel like I can eat food that fuels me & I don't even crave junk anymore. I still have my days of over-eating, but I don't look at it as "over-eating" anymore. I eat what makes my body feel nourished, I enjoy food when it is given to me, I enjoy trying my mom's fresh baked treats without shame.


I have developed a morning routine which includes taking time to be with myself and face my emotions. I’ve been able to establish if I am actually hungry or just looking to fill the void with an outside vice and I’ve learned to come from a place of compassion for myself rather than shame - which has also extended through my relationships.

Also, PROCESSING MY EMOTIONS!!! This has been a game changer for me. Actually allowing myself the space to establish that "calm container" & really FEEL & work through those hard, icky emotions instead of pushing them away."

- Lindi S.

"Before working together I was struggling with binging, restricting, basically being in a food related prison.


Now, things have changed. I feel like I have always known I ate to emotionally regulate but never knew how to get out of that in a successful and sustainable way. I did not believe there was a future for me that had a healthy relationship with food. I thought I was broken and had no hope. Truly. My food issues brought me farther down than even my addiction. I had no idea how connected my food issues were to my trauma and inner child. I still struggle with food but it is evolving sooooooooooo much.


The "diet" mentality is leaving me (thank goodness)--if it ain't freedom I don't want it lol. I know the restrictive life is not for me. I'd rather fail trying to be free than succeed being in a restrictive prison or never ending binge cycle.


I am so much more relaxed around food. Even people around me realize it. I used to be in either this restrictive regimen or chaotic binge. I'm not going crazy weighing my food or avoiding certain foods or being a bottomless pit all of the time. It has not left BUT it is so much better.


My self care has basically begun lololol I cannot even say it improved because there was much to begin with 😆. I am aware of how much I did not prioritize self care AT ALL. Food was my only outlet for self care i.e. eating something I love after a stressful event, being sad and eating over it etc. Some days are better than others but at least I have this inner voice that is like, 'Hey girl no wonder you are feeling funky and eating everything in sight or hating the way you look because when is the last time you did some intentional self care?'"

- Finley H.

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