AUGUST 21 - AUGUST 24 2020


RELAX INTO a luxurious oceanside sanctuary of divine sisterhood and oneness with nature’s beauty. 

“What the world needs is masses of women who are entirely out of control” - Glennon Doyle


Welcome Goddess,

In many ways, the Goddess is a woman "out of control". The Goddess represents the inner qualities of power, passion, pleasure, desire and ability to be seen in her full expression. We all have an inner Goddess and when we awaken her, we tap into an infinite abundance of these qualities.


We thrive best and contribute most to the world when we are deeply passionate and excited by our purpose and when we feel confident in sharing our gifts with others. When we're turned on by life, we add to the dimension and healing of the world and this is the path of the Goddess!

If you long to freely express yourself and be celebrated for it; if you’re ready to reach deep within and reveal your heart’s desires; if you are ready to embody the Goddess that you are...


The Goddess Embodies

Abundance ~  The Goddess’s nature is abundance. She effortlessly abides in health & wealth of heart & mind.

Pleasure ~ she is grateful for the sensations of life within and around her. She opens her heart to bliss and celebrates her physicality.

Intimacy ~ She has real, authentic connection with herself and others and unconditionally

loving to all beings.

meet your hosts

Eden & Natalie


How Goddess Island Came About

Enchanted Wood Chic

(aka no shower for 3 days of sweaty dancing, yoga, and straight up magic)


"They were there to experience a connection to their soul. Their spontaneous, fully uninhibited, radiating essence."

What's included:

  • Three days and nights in a beautiful private beachfront home in Melbourne, Florida to set the scene for ultimate relaxation & rejuvenation.


  • Four Embodiment Sessions ~ each session includes transformative practices such as yoga, meditation, sound, dance, journaling, visualization, and partner work curated to awaken the goddess (abundance, intimacy and pleasure) within you. These sessions are BURSTING with juicy vibes.


  • Delicious, intentionally made, organic and abundant vegetarian meals, snacks, nourishing teas and tonics (dietary needs will be accommodated).


  • Cacao ceremony to open the heart space & awaken the senses.


  • Sunrise sacred sound & movement session for you early risers who want to start your day with powerful shifts & vibrations.


  • Healing sound bath to unwind & integrate after Goddess activation.

  • Daily Goddess time ~ soak up the sun, bathe in a refreshing outdoor shower and rejuvenate yourself - this is a vacation!

+ Bonus offerings +

  • Opening candlelit ceremony to invoke the space, call in our deepest intentions, discover the Goddess and activate the weekend’s transformation

  • A spirited, sweaty, wild woman dance party on the beach under the moon… need I say more?

  • Closing, full goddess-mode ceremonial graduation bonfire including tons of flowers, body paint, adornment and candles

  • A special, goddess-worthy parting gift to symbolize this experience

  • Embodied Goddess Portraits (bomb-ass pics of you on the beach)


We offer tiered accommodation options: 

Slumber Party Room (4 bunk beds)

Shared room with four twin beds

Early bird: $569 per person (ends May 31)

After May 31: $625 per person


Sanctuary Room (1 or 2 spots)

One private room with queen size bed 


You and a friend can share the room:


Early bird: $649 per person (ends May 31)

After May 31: $705 per person


You want the room all to yourself:

Early bird: $997 (Ends May 31)

After May 31: $1149


Lone Wolf Den (1 spot): 

Private tiny room with twin bed


Early bird: $525 (Ends May 31)

After May 31: $579

This retreat is intentionally small (the theme is intimacy!)

That means that spots are very limited, so don't wait!

A deeper look into the itinerary…


Embodiment Session 1: Goddess Island 101

Exploration of the divine feminine energy; meaning, expression, manifestation. How to bring the goddess archetype into reality & awaken this power in YOU. Discussion followed by beach deck yoga flow with sacred sound, deep Savasana and restorative ocean meditation.

Embodiment Session 2: Manifesting the Relationship of Your Dreams

Yes. Exactly what the title says. We're talking the TRUTH about manifesting intimacy, beginning with your relationship to yourself, stemming into all of your relationships. Discovering your deep driving desires and passion. Learning to hold, witness & empower your desires and have others do the same for you.

Embodiment Session 3: Unlocking Womb Power & Expression

Throat & sacral chakra movement practice and sacred visualization. Vocal therapy and activation. Writing your personal Goddess Code. Uniting the channel between your emotion and expression.

Embodiment Session 4: Divine Play 

Embracing pleasure and joy as a sacred practice. Realizing spontaneous movement, laughter, interaction and play. Allowing wild goddess energy to unfold through us as us. Experiencing our body as enjoyment. Tapping into the power of imagination and welcoming miracles.

We can guarantee that if you come open and willing to these sessions, they WILL be transformative!

When you click the button above it will take you to a sign-up form.

We will respond with payment details and answer any questions you have asap!

Message us on Instagram @nataliegalactic or @mindbodyhaven

E-mail us at goddessislandretreat@gmail.com


Q: I want to sign up, but I can’t afford it right now.


A: We have intentionally made this retreat as affordable as possible given the amazing amenities, workshops and bonuses this retreat includes. You’d be hard pressed to find anything comparable at such a low cost out there!


That being said, the absolutely transformational effects of making an energetic investment in your spiritual well-being cannot be over-emphasized. The shifts that can occur as a result of these experiences are exponentially life altering! Visualize a more embodied, activated and shamelessly expressive you - how would your life be different? What is the value of that?


All payments must be made by July 20th. If you are certain you want to come but don’t have the money right now, send us a message with your situation. We do have an installment payment option. We want to make it possible for you to come!


Q: Do I have to do anything weird on this retreat? What if I don’t like to dance?


A: Every practice offered is optional and you are welcome to adapt them to YOU (this is one of the principles of goddesshood that we will explore). If something makes you uncomfortable or you don’t want to do it, you don’t have to! BUT, we’re not doing anything too out-there or weird on this retreat, so don’t worry ;)


Q: What if I don’t want to share a room?


A: Part of what makes this retreat so affordable is the shared rooms! Don’t worry, we will have quiet hours and make sure your space and privacy is respected. There will also be time for you to get away and do your own thing if you need to recharge. We have ONE option for a private room - contact us asap if you want to snag it for yourself!


Q: Does the cost include transportation?


A: The cost of the retreat does not include transportation to and from the location. Flights will go into the Melbourne airport and are pretty affordable right now from many places in the country (under $300). We plan on helping coordinate transportation from the airport to the house and back.

Q: Is this retreat only for women?

A: Yes, we created Goddess Island specifically as a place to honor and gather with women. All individuals who identify as women are welcome.

We really hope you join us. This experience is going to be SO meaningful and honestly, you deserve it!


If your heart’s been calling to you for something more or you needed a sign - THIS IS IT!


If you have ANY questions or concerns, reach out to us. Don’t wait on this... as you may have noticed, there are only 7 spots and they’re going to go quickly!


We highly encourage you to invest in yourself the way you would want a partner or lover to do so. Valuing your soul’s nourishment over everything else is the beginning of the transformation to goddesshood, so from the moment you book your spot - you’ve begun the process. Congrats!


from previous workshops

The experience was more than just a workshop, it was a collective. A space where I was able to share emotions without saying a single word... and instead, communicate through movement. We projected our energies into each other, creating a like-minded and loving aura. Every once in a while, I go back to that moment - where the world was still and all that was... was being.

- Beka T.

I didn't know what to expect besides a potential sense of calm and peace. While I did get that, I never would have guessed that I would also feel so moved by the singing and the rest of the experience. My eyes were moist, and my heart was in song; it was an unexpected and joyous oasis.

- Melvin D.

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