"I never even had a chance of ever having a happy relationship if I didn't realize this- it wouldn't have happened. At all, ever. For the first time ever I truly feel as if I am lovable." - Client Testimonial

You were born to attain your soul-desires. What are soul-desires, you ask? Well, they're completely unique to you, but generally your soul-desires are the desires that come from deep within you, and they feel more like a calling or deep longing than a superficial "want." 

Some examples:

  • to be loved and deeply seen in romantic partnership and friendship

  • to feel that you are living you purpose and doing fulfilling work

  • to financially prosper so that you can thrive rather than survive

  • to live in a state of ease and trust rather than constant fear/anxiety

Having soul-desires is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, your soul-desires are a map to transforming into your highest self, the you that can best serve this world.

Attaining your soul-desires is not a matter of working harder, applying more effort or willpower. The biggest obstacle between you and your soul-desires is your unprocessed emotional wounding and subconscious beliefs (the emotional and perceptual map that lives in your limbic brain).

Some signs you may have unhealed emotional wounding that is blocking your soul-desires and preventing you from stepping into your authentic self:

  • No matter how much weight you have lost in the past you never felt happy with your body

  • No matter how much effort you put in, you can’t seem to make more money

  • You're frustrated your progress with your career, relationship, healing, etc. isn’t happening quickly enough

  • No matter how many jobs you apply to, nothing is coming of it

  • You feel like you’re constantly getting rejected/ghosted by potential partners

  • You're dating but never feel a true reciprocal connection or intimacy

  • You feel like your partner never shows up for you, sees you or appreciates you

  • You struggle with saying no, setting boundaries and constantly over-giving

  • You constantly worry about money/feel like you can't afford things/are afraid to spend no matter the number in your bank account

  • It perpetually feels like the opportunities/experiences/things/lifestyle you want is out of reach due to a lack of money/career progress/relationship

  • You resent others who have the job/have money/freedom/body and think, “must be nice!!!”

  • You feel abandoned/overlooked by the Universe or people in your life

  • It's hard for you to truly rest or relax even on vacation/off-days

  • It feels like there’s invisible walls between you and what you want

These are indications of unhealed wounding and subconscious programming that must be lovingly and gently released in order to receive your desires. This programming renders the manifestation of your gifts and dreams impossible.



The invisible walls that you feel standing between you and your desires are the result of being stuck living out the subconscious programming of your limbic brain, which forms in childhood.

Traumatic events and childhood wounding including what we’re shamed for, praised for and punished for, all contribute to the map in our subconscious brain, what we learn to understand is true or untrue about ourselves and the world on a subconscious level.


This wiring, or mapping of our limbic brain, is related to the cyclical, limiting emotional and psychological patterns that determine our experience, behavior and prevent us from ever experiencing true freedom and moving beyond the seemingly immovable blocks between us and our desires. 


"I was either 100% doing everything I could possibly think of to lose weight, or I was absolutely off, doing everything I had determined as "wrong."


By finally working through where these things were coming from, I have been freed. Diving into life without these toxic ideas around food and body and letting go of old habits that were no longer serving me, allowed me to see I was capable of having the life I'd dreamed of all along.


I've settled back into my body, listening to it again and learning to let it be so that I can grow and thrive in a life that finally feels like a reflection of me."

- Breanne



Your past conditioning is so familiar, powerful and survival-based that there is no way to effort or work your way out of it.


You must uncover and re-parent your subconscious beliefs and update the subconscious map that is driving your behavior and coloring your perception by learning to non-judgmentally observe, feel fully and discover compassion for your emotional wounds, meeting your own unmet emotional needs and re-integrating the parts of you that you've inadvertently  abandoned.

In order to receive the experience of love, connection and freedom within your interpersonal relationships, finances and career, you must first know how to access these feelings within your own nervous systems. You cannot receive from anyone, not even the Universe, that which you have not already allowed yourself within your own being.

There is a path to unlocking your soul-desires.



 You're ready to experience deep healing around that which is preventing you from receiving your desires. You're ready to experience the freedom of living in alignment with your authentic essence.


My specialty is in guiding you to the emotional core of your subconscious blocks and teaching you a framework for gently and harmoniously processing your old emotional wounds and becoming your OWN healer.


Together our work will consist of:


  • equipping you with a system for identifying and moving back the invisible walls in your life

  • uncovering your emotional wounds and subconscious programming

  • uncovering your true soul-desires

  • exercises and prompts to help you release this programming and resolve unmet emotional needs

  • guidance catered directly to your personal experience

  • personalized exercises and integrations ("homework") designed to bring you into relief and freedom 

  • equipping you with tools so that you can continue your progress beyond our time together

Our work together will help you step out of your limiting patterns, re-discover, empower and trust your true self and your innate capacity for self-healing, deconstruct and rewire the subconscious programming currently keeping you stuck and heal and integrate your emotional wounds so that you can start manifesting your vision.



Together we will identify and break through the walls between you and your authentic self, between you and the life you’ve always been meant to live.


My framework blends meditation techniques, inner child work, healing subconscious beliefs, gentle emotional processing and spiritual and energetic principals. It is a collaborative process where I serve as a loving witness, friend and guide on your unique journey.


While this work is informed by brain science and is trauma-aware, this work alone may not be sufficient if you are dealing with deep trauma. If anything surfaces during our time together that is beyond the scope of this work, I will suggest you seek additional support. This work has supported individuals who've experienced trauma, who also see a therapist, beautifully.




I'm here to help facilitate your transformation process. As your guide and partner, I will hold an energetic container of non-judgement, unconditional presence, compassion and confidentiality. You are always empowered throughout this process- I will provide a road map but will not do the work for you, nor will I "heal" you. This will not be a good fit if you are looking for a quick fix or for someone else to take responsibility for your healing.


My role as a guide is to use my knowledge and skills as a coach, teacher and mentor to gently guide you through the process of illuminating parts of yourself you may not yet be able to see, to help you uncover wounding and blocks that are currently keeping you trapped in a cycle of struggling and your goals out of reach, and offer you ways of healing and freeing yourself from these limitations.


I believe that we all must learn to be our own healer, and the gift of working together 1:1 is that I can help you more quickly track and uncover the subconscious wounds causing you to stay stuck and provide targeted support based on your unique needs. Often we waste days, weeks, months and years spinning our wheels in the same spirals because our inability to clearly see our own shadows, a painful cycle that can be broken by simply seeking the right support, saving you years or lifetimes of inaction. 


Clients often leave sessions having had powerful breakthroughs, realizations, emotional releases, discovering self-forgiveness, experiencing relief and deeper insight into layers they didn't even know were there! 


This is an opportunity to dramatically alter the course of your life.


By saying “yes” to healing and expanding yourself, you open the door to receiving all that you have ever wanted. Taking a step towards freedom is a powerful signal to the Universe that you are ready to start awakening the vast potential within you. 

1:1 Mentorship is for you if:


  • you have a level of personal accountability

  • you want to be deeply held throughout this process

  • you're ready to commit to a sustainable, long-term healing process

  • you want to get deep, messy and real because you know it's necessary

  • you're eager to heal and dive into what’s blocking you beneath the surface

  • you want to work together in an intensive, collaborative container

  • you have the time, space and motivation to execute HW on your own (journalling exercises, meditations and taking time to self-reflect)

  • you are ready to be 100% honest with yourself

  • you are ready to be seen and receive loving support

Just as you’re in pursuit of your authentic self and desires, they’re also pursuing you. When you start taking steps to align with your true nature, the universe rejoices.





  • Received a Bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies focused on Human Spirituality & Well-being in order to understand the psychology of health and stress, spiritual traditions across the globe, and how these components affect the mind & human behavior

  • Spent 2 years studying spiritual tantra yoga and meditation with a Himalayan lineage-steeped teacher learning meditation, breathwork, nervous system regulation, emotional processing and manifestation techniques

  • 200+ hours of yoga teacher training, experience assisting & facilitating group healing work 

  • Deepened my study of Eastern spiritual traditions and ancient healing systems while spending 4 months in India

  • Received holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach certification​

  • Completed Better Coach Training in order to create a trauma-informed and consent-based coaching environment


"I use food and cigarettes to avoid or help me through tough emotions and awareness of that has already created radical change in my daily life. You are the most loving and non judgmental person. Not only do I never feel judged, but you go beyond that to authentically empower me. I don’t feel like it’s just lip service."

- Anonymous

I combined elements of meditation, emotion processing, inner child work, and reprogramming subconscious beliefs that aligns with basic brain science to create a system for liberating yourself from the immovable walls between you and what you want.

Program Overview



8 60 min sessions. You will fill out an extensive intake form beforehand. In these sessions we'll work together to uncover the blocks between you and what you want so that you can release them. In these sessions I will hold a safe, confidential, trauma-informed container, prompting you with personally catered questions & tools to honor your individual needs at each session. I will support you through a framework for moving out of your programming and help you shift it on the deepest, subconscious level. 




Personalized assignments designed to help you integrate your programming, release these patterns & heal the core wounding that's manifesting as an inability to meet your desires. Example assignments include meditations, journalling,  self-reflection prompts, visualizations, spoken out-loud emotion release work, and practices for activating the parasympathetic nervous system.




Access to support via Voxer (walkie talkie app) and email between sessions.



1:1 Mentorship Investment: $2,100 

Payment plans available. Book a consultation to learn more. 

Have questions? Not sure if this is the right fit and want to hash things out? When you click the button above, you’ll be sent to a form where you can schedule a 30 minute consultation call.


We’ll use this time to get to answer any questions you have and determine whether this program could be a good fit for you!


I'm so down for this, but I can't afford support right now.

Working 1:1 with a mentor is absolutely an investment that not everyone is ready for. If you aren't able to afford personalized, one-on-one support right now, I invite you to explore my Instagram channel and Podcast where I share plentiful resources for navigating your path on your own. 


I invite you to take a look at whether your reservations about investing in yourself are truly coming from a lack of money, or rather a lack mentality. Your reservations might be coming from a lack mentality/subconscious block if:


  • You feel shame/guilt/selfish/irresponsible when considering spending money on yourself or things you don't technically need

  • You talk yourself out of spending money, even when it's something you've been wanting for months/years

  • No matter how much money is in your account you never feel like it's enough

  • You feel like you can't afford things even when you technically do have the money

  • You have trouble accepting gifts without feeling like you owe the other person

  • It perpetually feels like the opportunities you want are out of reach due to money

  • No matter how hard you work you can't seem to make more money

These are signs that you have some lack mentality within your programming that is preventing you from attaining your soul-desires. I know it feels scary and I'm not encouraging you to spend money that you don't have, but if your reservations are due to lack mentality, I want you to realize that you cannot move out of the limitations of your current circumstances by adhering to the very same limiting beliefs and lack mentality that produced these circumstances. 


There comes a point where you must choose to either step out of lack, choosing a new direction for your future and taking a huge step towards uncovering your vast potential, or remain stuck in the same cycles. And making that decision is going to feel like jumping off a cliff no matter when you choose to do it.


Consider how much time, energy & happiness you will lose over the rest of your life if you do not learn how to navigate beyond the current blocks and limitations that are holding you back. How long will you put off addressing the root of the problem? How long will you put off stepping into your authentic purpose? How much time will you wait before finding true partnership or leaving behind emotional eating?


The work we will do together is a lifetime investment in yourself. If you show up with the right mindset, the tools & shifts you will gain from this program will continue to impact your life long after our time together is through and can even dramatically alter the course of your life.

Plus, I offer payment plans that make working together accessible. You can schedule a complimentary consultation here and we can talk deets.

Will this really work for me? I've tried everything and doubt I'll ever be able to fix this.


Most of the individuals I’ve worked with shared the same doubts as you, and that’s because they’ve only tried solutions that remain on the behavioral and intellectual levels, such as adjusting diet, exercise, mindset work, using more will-power, working harder, doing more, trying to "think positive," gaining self-awareness but doing nothing about it, etc.


These solutions don’t work to resolve the blocks that are the result of the emotional and perceptual map in our limbic brain and provide you with a felt sense of safety, calm and fulfillment. Even talk therapy can be ineffective unless it helps you release the emotions and re-pattern your nervous system to move beyond your limitations. The individuals who I’ve worked with who’ve tried everything, experienced profound shifts as a result of working together (scroll down to see their feedback!)

I want to move past the invisible walls, but I am honestly afraid of diving into this work. Part of me is afraid if I open this door, I’ll drown or get stuck in whatever comes up. How do I know if I’m ready?

It is 100% normal to have some fear and nerves about this process. We think that feeling our pain and confronting our darkness will consume us, when really it's precisely when we stop resisting our fear that we are liberated from it.

You must be willing to let go of the shame and be 100% honest with yourself in order for this work to be effective. If you aren't ready to uncover what's blocking you beneath the surface then you may not be ready for this - and there's nothing wrong with that.

And by the way, there's truly nothing to fear- you'll be in good hands :)

One past client reported, 

“My biggest hesitation was being unsure of how uncomfortable I was going to have to get. But now, I feel like I have shed off so many layers of darkness and pain. I feel lighter and happier! My mind feels more clear and free. I have worked through a lot of pain that I have been hanging onto for years. I sat with the uncomfortable feelings and emotions, brought them to surface when we would talk about them and really felt those feelings and emotions. I knew deep down that was the only way to not carry so much darkness and pain with me anymore.” - Erin S.


Do you offer any other services or ways of working together other than 1:1 Mentorship?


Right now, I also have spots available for a more condensed service called Coaching Concentrate. Click here to learn more!


I'm interested! What's the next step?


Whether you're interested in working together or have more questions, the next step is to book a free call with me, where we will chat a bit and make sure it's an amazing fit. Then we'll get started from there!


Interested in working together? Have questions?

Let's set up a 30 minute consultation call so we can get to know each other and make sure it's a great fit.


"I was really struggling with being uncomfortable in my body and always struggling with food. I have hated my body for years and never felt good enough. I would eat “good” for awhile and then eat “bad” for awhile. I was constantly worrying about what I ate and if I ate “bad” I would feel like a failure for eating “bad."

Now, my relationship to food comes from a place of freedom. I don’t beat myself up for enjoying a piece of chocolate cake when I want it. I naturally want to feed my body more nourishing foods because they make me feel better. I have built up so much awareness over the past several weeks that I don’t want as much of the sugar and junk food as before. I’m aware of my good days and my bad days because that’s how life is, full of ups and downs and twists and turns. I eat what I want, when I want and don’t beat myself up over what I have eaten. This is such a profound goal of mine, as I have craved to feel this way for a very long time.


I bought a big bag of M & M’s the other day. I ate a small handful of them and was able to seal the bag up without continuing to reach for more. I had the awareness that I was satisfied to stop eating them. Before, I would have eaten almost the entire bag and felt sick afterwards.


My mind feels more clear and free. I have worked through a lot of pain that I have been hanging onto for years. I sat with the uncomfortable feelings and emotions, brought them to surface when we would talk about them and really felt those feelings and emotions. I knew deep down that was the only way to not carry so much darkness and pain with me anymore."

- Erin S.


"I had hesitations about working together because I never really took the time to sit with myself & tried to find the source of WHY I had such a horrible relationship with food. Did I really want to face that? Did I really care about my relationship with food ~that~ much or was I just blowing it out of proportion? Was this program going to be for me?


I struggled with binge eating, terrible self esteem, body dysmorphia, anxiety when it comes to food - what do I eat? Am I eating enough? Is this good for me?


After working together, I LOVE MYSELF THESE DAYS! I feel confident, full of appreciation for just having an able body to keep me alive. I finally feel like I can eat food that fuels me & I don't even crave junk anymore. I still have my days of over-eating, but I don't look at it as "over-eating" anymore. I eat what makes my body feel nourished, I enjoy food when it is given to me, I enjoy trying my mom's fresh baked treats without shame.


I have developed a morning routine which includes taking time to be with myself and face my emotions. I’ve been able to establish if I am actually hungry or just looking to fill the void with an outside vice and I’ve learned to come from a place of compassion for myself rather than shame - which has also extended through my relationships.

Also, PROCESSING MY EMOTIONS!!! This has been a game changer for me. Actually allowing myself the space to establish that "calm container" & really FEEL & work through those hard, icky emotions instead of pushing them away."

- Lindi S.

"Before working together I was struggling with binging, restricting, basically being in a food related prison.


Now, things have changed. I feel like I have always known I ate to emotionally regulate but never knew how to get out of that in a successful and sustainable way. I did not believe there was a future for me that had a healthy relationship with food. I thought I was broken and had no hope. Truly. My food issues brought me farther down than even my addiction. I had no idea how connected my food issues were to my trauma and inner child. I still struggle with food but it is evolving sooooooooooo much.


The "diet" mentality is leaving me (thank goodness)--if it ain't freedom I don't want it lol. I know the restrictive life is not for me. I'd rather fail trying to be free than succeed being in a restrictive prison or never ending binge cycle.


I am so much more relaxed around food. Even people around me realize it. I used to be in either this restrictive regimen or chaotic binge. I'm not going crazy weighing my food or avoiding certain foods or being a bottomless pit all of the time. It has not left BUT it is so much better.


My self care has basically begun lololol I cannot even say it improved because there was much to begin with 😆. I am aware of how much I did not prioritize self care AT ALL. Food was my only outlet for self care i.e. eating something I love after a stressful event, being sad and eating over it etc. Some days are better than others but at least I have this inner voice that is like, 'Hey girl no wonder you are feeling funky and eating everything in sight or hating the way you look because when is the last time you did some intentional self care?'"

- Finley H.

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