...is for those who are ready to unravel that which is preventing you from feeling loved, safe, whole and worthy on an embodied level by uncovering and releasing the stuck emotion and programming held within your body & mind.

"I never even had a chance of ever having a happy relationship if I didn't realize this- it wouldn't have happened. At all, ever. For the first time ever I truly feel as if I am lovable." - Sarah

You were born to experience your soul-desires & embody your soul-purpose.


Your SOUL-DESIRES aren't material things (although they may manifest as your desire for physical things). Soul-desires speak to the longings beneath our superficial desires: to feel whole, to feel safe & secure in the world, to feel like we belong, to feel freedom, joy, peace, love. Although our physical wants and needs vary by individual, many of our soul-desires are common.


Your SOUL-PURPOSE has nothing to do with your career. Your soul-purpose is simply your unique, inherent, unadulterated way of being, the particular flavor or facet of creation that you embody and project into the world. We do not need to attain, grasp or pursue our purpose; it is intrinsic to us, something we recall to a greater and greater degree as we clear our programming and limitations.

Examples of soul-desires:

  • to feel loved, nourished & deeply seen in romantic partnership, family and friendships

  • to feel fulfilled & satisfied by meaningfully contributing to the world

  • to feel as though you are able to fully embody & express your authenticity

  • to make a living in a way that feels in alignment with your essential nature, values or that brings you satisfaction

  • to a sense of safety and trust in relationship to life, rather than fear, anxiety or lack

When our subconscious programming or wounding patterns are running counter to our authenticity, it can look like:

  • feeling frustrated your career, relationship, healing, or progress in another area of life isn’t happening quickly enough

  • feeling as though there is never enough time, money or space to live the life you desire

  • feeling afraid to express yourself, say no or set boundaries

  • feeling not seen, heard, reciprocated or respected in your relationships 

  • feeling as though you cannot live a lifestyle that serves you AND make a living

  • doubting your value, ability or desire to meaningfully contribute to or thrive in the world ​

The space between you and the reality where you're experiencing the fulfillment of your soul-desires & are embodying your soul-purpose is the map to where you have subconscious resistance & wounding preventing this reality from actualizing.

Experiencing more meaningful relationships, contributing meaningfully to society, and living a life/lifestyle in alignment with your values is not a matter of forcing yourself to work harder, straining to apply more effort or prove yourself. The biggest obstacle between you and your soul-desires is your unprocessed emotional wounding and limiting beliefs (the emotional and perceptual map that lives in your limbic brain that developed during childhood).

This, fear, lack & scarcity-based programming must be lovingly and gently released in order to experience a more fulfilling life. This programming renders the manifestation of your dreams challenging.

"Perfectionism forced me into an "on/off" mentality. I was either one hundred percent doing everything I could possibly think of to lose weight, or I was absolutely off, doing everything I had determined as "wrong." Both pulled me away from myself and left me feeling trapped. I was unable to do the things that I really wanted to be doing because I constantly felt like I was unable or unworthy of doing them until I had worked hard enough and achieved the perfect body. It was a soul crushing, isolating, and damaging way of life.

I was so afraid of letting go of this old framework because, even though it had proven to be unhealthy and unhelpful time and time again, I knew no other way of being. It was somehow providing me a sense of comfort, letting me know I was ok. But diving into life without these toxic ideas around food and body and letting go of old habits that were no longer serving me, all while constantly telling myself I was ok, allowed me to see I was capable of having the life I'd dreamed of all along. In time I've settled back into my body, listening to it again and learning to let it be so that I can grow and thrive in a life that finally feels like a reflection of me.

Eden has an innate ability to make you feel seen, understood, and comforted, all while challenging you to find that power within yourself. She urged me to walk into the darkness and was the shining light throughout it all that kept me grounded and determined to work through what was keeping me trapped. She's been my rock and the ultimate cheerleader for my higher self, I truly don't know where I'd be without her."

- Breanne




The wiring, or mapping of our limbic brain, is related to the cyclical, limiting emotional and psychological patterns that determine how we experience reality & spur survival-oriented behavior that subconsciously prevents us from breaking free of the "feedback loops" we're stuck in.

In order to dissolve the operating system we've inherited, we must:

​+ develop non-judgmental self-awareness

+ uncover subconscious beliefs in the limbic system 

+ update the subconscious map that is driving our behavior and coloring our perception

+ uncover and validate emotional wounding

+ acknowledge and grieve unmet emotional needs

+ learn to meet our own emotional needs

+ re-integrate via illuminating and forgiving parts of us that have subconsciously been abandoned for survival​​

+ learn to feel safe receiving, letting go, and embodying trust

+ identify & take aligned action

I call this process emotional integration.



*see description of my role as a coach/advisor below


I will support you through my unique process of emotional integration, a process based on ancient, spiritual principles, that also holds up against modern science's current understanding of trauma recovery, neuroscience and the nervous system. My process blends elements of emotion processing, shadow integration, inner child work, energetics and spirituality, alongside my ongoing passion for understanding the latest in psychology, trauma healing and brain/nervous system science so that I can continue to make my work as effective, comprehensive and supportive as possible. 


It's important to remind the part of our brain that seeks a "magic pill" or "end-all-be-all" solution to our challenges that working together will not be a quick fix nor will it magically heal you.


This process, which seeks to provide lasting transformation, takes effort, consistency, time, and can feel challenging at times. Furthermore, while I will be here to support you by providing tools, new perspectives, and personalized feedback, this work is something only you can do. Your willingness to take full responsibility for your experience is a prerequisite to entering this process. If you are not ready to fully release a victim mentality, attaining freedom through this work will not be possible. To understand more about this idea and my approach, read this post or listen to this podcast episode

I generally have 2 60 minute video calls with clients per month. Clients also receive voice messaging support in-between sessions, personalized HW assignments, and access to a resource hub of 15+ audio meditations and numerous videos, exercises, and reading materials that I continually update.


The bulk of the work will occur outside of sessions, on your own time. Your transformation will in part be determined by how often you choose to implement the tools on a regular basis.

The average package length is 4 months.



I take great care to align my work with an understanding of the nervous system, trauma recovery research, and basic brain science. Though my work is trauma-aware, I am not a psychologist or trauma therapist.


Coaching/advising (aka "coach-vising") means that I combine a coaching skillset (listening, asking probing questions, creating a compassionate container within which you can explore and pursue your blocks and goals) with my particular expertise in a specific subject, in this case, my emotional integration process, in order to provide additional direct guidance, feedback and instruction. 


My role as a coach/advisor consists of the following functions:


  • Holding a confidential, compassionate, non-judgmental container

  • Asking questions to help you explore your narratives, belief system, and emotions with the ultimate aim of helping you to experience clarity, insight, self-compassion, and move past blocks

  • Reflecting back to you what I am hearing to make sure that I am understanding you accurately, to offer you new ways of seeing/perceiving your experience, and to create opportunities for you to provide me with a deeper understanding of your experience

  • Sharing my perspective, feedback on and insight into what you’ve shared with me through the lens of my emotional integration framework (if/when I have your permission to do so) with the intention of helping you experience clarity, insight, self-compassion, and move past blocks

  • Providing additional resources to help you learn the process of emotional integration in the form of HW assignments and resources within the Client Resource Hub

  • Guiding you through visualization and/or meditation exercises if/when it’s appropriate (always after checking in to see if that feels good to you first - and you can always say no)


Please fill out the form above to get in touch about working together. Once I receive your application, I will reach out with next steps!



  • Received a Bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus on Human Spirituality & Well-being in order to understand the psychology of health and stress, world spiritual traditions and practices, and how these components affect the mind & human behavior

  • Spent 2 years studying spiritual tantra and meditation with a Himalayan lineage-steeped teacher learning meditation, ancient philosophy, techniques for regulating the nervous system, emotional processing and manifestation

  • Trained in 200 hours of philosophy and personal transformation-based yoga teacher training

  • Combined 3+ years teaching classes, facilitating community gatherings, giving group presentations and providing 1:1 coach-vising 

  • Deepened my study of Eastern spiritual traditions and ancient healing systems while spending 4 months in India

  • Received holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach certification​

  • Completed Better Coach Training in order to create a trauma-informed and consent-based coaching environment

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"I use food and cigarettes to avoid or help me through tough emotions and awareness of that has already created radical change in my daily life. You are the most loving and non judgmental person. Not only do I never feel judged, but you go beyond that to authentically empower me. I don’t feel like it’s just lip service."

- Lauren