4 things I did to heal my relationship to food FOREVER

They told me my butt was sticking out⁣

They said my frame wasn’t built to carry “this much” weight⁣

They said I used to seem hungry & now I seemed full⁣

All ways of saying… your body is wrong.⁣

You aren’t trying hard enough.⁣

You aren't GOOD enough.⁣

Leaving the ballet world was only the beginning of my healing journey.⁣

👉🏻 When I felt out of control and gained weight, I reminded myself that this was the price of true freedom and finding my natural weight, and that eventually things would balance out to where they should be⁣

👉🏻 When other people made comments about my weight, I anchored myself in the fact that no one who knew how hard it was to heal would ever say those things⁣

👉🏻 When I caught an unflattering angle in the mirror, I took a deep breath and remembered that we ALL have unflattering angles and no amount of weight loss can ever solve it⁣

👉🏻 When my mind was telling me to restrict I made sure to add in snacks to evade it’s tactics⁣

I reminded myself constantly that the only way out was THROUGH all the uncomfortable phases that I was going through.⁣

And I made it.⁣

No matter what uncomfortable phase you’re in right now (and there are many) DON’T GIVE UP.⁣

Healing can be painful. Hang in there.⁣

You are ON YOUR WAY to freedom in this very moment. ⁣

Know that as you seek freedom, it is also seeking you.⁣

Freedom IS your destiny. You have what it takes. You are enough. You always WERE enough. ⁣

You are just unlearning all the shit that convinced you otherwise.⁣

Spread the freakin HOPE and send this to a friend today!⁣

If you’re ready give the finger to the shit you were told and start down the path towards freedom, I have a couple spots open for 1:1 coaching rn! Slide into the DMs💕⁣

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