5 PRICELESS things your food issues are REALLY costing you⁣

⁣“I can’t afford it” 👈🏻 I’m sure you’ve uttered these words. So have I!! & getting support IS an investment.⁣

But HONESTLY friend: you can’t afford NOT TO.⁣

Here’s 5 PRICELESS things your food issues are ACTUALLY costing you:⁣

❤️ Intimate relationships. When you have food issues, you feel embarrassed of your body. Feeling embarrassed of your body = not wanting to be seen. Not wanting to be seen = impossible to manifest the relationship of your dreams. You HAVE to feel comfortable in your body to experience a deep, meaningful relationship (or you’ll self-sabotage).⁣

👩🏼‍⚖️ A meaningful career. When you have food & body issues, you never feel good enough. It keeps you from seizing opportunities & feeling worthy of your dream career. When you’re busy obsessing over your body, you don’t have the mental space to pursue goals.⁣

🏔 Experiences. If you’re waiting to lose weight to wear certain clothes, eat out with friends, join a new club, you’re missing out on LIFE. You’re missing precious experiences that you dont allow yourself or can’t enjoy because you’re constantly worrying whether the ice cream makes you fat.⁣

✨ Realizing your potential. There’s a version of you that’s free from food issues you haven’t ever MET because this struggle is holding you back. There’s a version of you that’s not afraid to launch the podcast, become a writer, fall in love, move to Costa Rica or start an online yoga business. Obsessing about your body prevents you from realizing these dreams. The food fight numbs your desires as well as your fear, keeps you playing small and prevents you from moving forward.⁣

🧠 Your sanity. Ever wondered the number of times you’ve had the exact same thoughts or worries about your body? The mental breakdowns you’ve had after looking in the mirror? The crushing shame after binge eating? It’s EXHAUSTING. It’s draining. It’s NO WAY TO LIVE. It’s not living at all. ⁣

You deserve these 5 things to have a full life, and if food is taking away from even ONE, you deserve more. Period. 💪🏻💫

If you're ready to invest in something that's gonna save you LOADS of time, money, energy & mental breakdowns, check out my program the Food Freedom Blueprint.

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