5 things I wish I realized sooner to heal my relationship with food!!! READ THIS NOW!👇🏻⁣

5 things I wish I realized sooner to heal my relationship with food!!!👇🏻⁣

1. No number on the scale will ever make you happy. Ever. You will never love your body until you start loving your body NOW. Right now. As it is. In this imperfect condition. At this weight. No weight or acceptance from anyone else will ever bring you the feeling of being good enough, whole, or happy that you seek. So start loving yourself now!!⁣

2. Your weight doesn’t define you. It’s gonna fluctuate throughout your life. No one who’s worth your time loves or accepts you because of your weight. You are equally deserving of love & belonging no matter your weight. Do not accept criticism about your body.⁣

3. It’s okay to want, need and express things that don’t make other people happy. You will do things that upset other people. It’s not selfish to have needs, feelings, be angry, upset, or to not be okay with something & speak up about it. If you swallow those feelings, they will only grow, fester and come out in unhealthy ways. ⁣

4. Those gut feelings you get, they won’t go away. You can push them off for as long as you’d like but they will only grow stronger. Do not ignore them. It will be hard, but listen closely and act on your gut. You do not need anyone else’s permission. No one else has the answers or knows what the right thing is for you. But YOU do. ⁣

5. Fear never gets easier to deal with, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do scary things. It will ALWAYS be scary. You will NEVER feel ready to do the thing you want to do- leave the job, break up with your bf, speak up for yourself. If you keep waiting to feel ready or someone to give you permission, it’ll never happen. Do it even when you feel scared.

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