How to feel better if you’re feeling depressed or anxious right now 👇🏻

⁣One of the most common things I’ve heard that’s coming for people right now is feeling bored/depressed or anxious.⁣

The lack of structure can be super ungrounding and stressful, leading you to either curl up in a ball and sleep OR your mind to be on overdrive stressing about everything possible. Or a combo of both!⁣

Whether you’re feeling sluggish and depressed or freaking the f out, remember that you’re in a situation you could never have prepared to be in. There is no right or wrong way to respond.⁣

That being said, one way you can relieve some of your struggle IMMEDIATELY is to stop being hard on yourself for feeling that way. Give yourself permission to not be okay.⁣

It makes sense if you are anxious and have no idea why right now.⁣

It makes sense if you just feel down and stuck and don’t want to do anything.⁣

It’s okay if you’ve been binge eating cookies for no reason.⁣

zoom out and take a look at the situation we’re in and understand that nothing is normal, even if this is the “new normal.”⁣

You are allowed to not be okay. Give yourself some space to breathe. Give yourself permission to do whatever you’re doing to cope with stuff, without judging yourself.⁣

If you needed this message, chances are someone else does. Share it w/ someone who also may need to hear it today 🙏🏻⁣

Love ya 💕

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