How to combat emotional eating

I used to only have 2 modes when it came to food:⁣

➡️ controlling & restricting in order to lose weight OR⁣

➡️ eating whatever was in sight with complete abandon (aka out of control)⁣

Both modes were a form of prison. They went hand in hand. Be “good” for a period of time until my cravings got the better of me and I’d eat everything in sight.⁣

Have you ever been there?⁣

The up and down literally makes you want to tear your hair out. It’s like you’re fighting a war with food and your body is the battleground.⁣

If you’re there right now, know this:⁣

🙌🏻 You are not alone. This fight is not yours to fight alone. If you only knew how many others feel this way, it would be so much easier. Let’s band together and not make this so lonely!⁣

💕 You do not need to feel ashamed about your relationship to food or your body. It’s not your fault. There is NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU. I repeat. There is nothing wrong with you. ⁣

💪🏻 You are brave. You’ve been fighting a freaking war and you should be proud of yourself. Trying to navigate this type of relationship to food is showing up for battle every day. You deserve a hug. Actually, you deserve 1,000,000 hugs.⁣

Send this to someone who needs this message right now. You are not alone 🙏🏻

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