The first step in ending emotional eating

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Everything we do starts with a feeling.

And until we actually get to the emotional layer underneath our actions, we can never end emotional eating.

I'm talking about dissolving these eating habits for ever.

NOT through diet, NOT through exercise, NOT through counting calories, fats and proteins.

I'm talking about changing the literal patterning of your emotions so that the need to restrict or emotionally eat disappears. It’s gone from your life. You don’t even THINK about food like that anymore.

I know what you’re thinking: if this is possible, why aren’t more people are talking about it?

Becauseee in order to achieve this we have to be willing to experience the uncomfortable feeling that occurs... after you eat a box of chocolates and you feel like shit.

Ugh. You know that feeling. It's really, really hard not to immediately follow up an episode of emotional eating with something that's going to make you feel better in the short term, like Netflix or wine or more food.

In the moment, going for another distraction helps you get rid of that icky terrible feeling you get from overeating.

All of these comforts (including food) are great and I’m a huge fan of them when indulged in a conscious and intentional way (like, intentionally at least half the time lol). BUT they’re not helpful when it comes to actually accessing the emotional roots of our problems.

If you push that icky uncomfortable feeling away in the short term, it's going to keep coming back again and again (and again).

Dissolving the emotional roots of our eating habits is actually really simple. It literally starts with just experiencing that feeling you get after you do something that you wish you didn't do.

That moment of ick, shame and discomfort contains a piece of emotional information that is begging for your awareness.

That emotion is begging you to simply pay attention to it in the form of feeling it. In your body.

That’s why bingeing keeps happening over and over again, making you want to bang your head against the wall.

It’s like the universe putting a piece of information right under your nose and screaming at you over and over again to just pay attention to how you feel.

Once you pay attention to it, the emotional eating no longer serves the purpose of bringing up this feeling anymore and the cycle doesn't have to keep repeating.

You’ve gleaned what you need to get from it.

And part 1 of the way you do that is by literally, instead of reaching for something to make you feel better in that ripe moment right after emotional eating, just sitting down in a safe, quiet place and feeling that feeling for 60 seconds (then you can go ahead and grab the Netflix or more snacks if you want!)

It's so simple.

If you don’t know “how” to feel your feelings, you can start by sitting down somewhere calm and asking yourself “where do I feel energy in my body right now?”

Part 2 comin sooon on what happens next!!

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