This might be the source of your emotional eating👇🏻

I looked up from the bowl of ice cream and my jaw dropped.⁣

When we sat down to eat dessert, I noticed for the first time in years that I was having extreme anxiety about the ice cream we were eating.⁣

“Oh my gosh this is TERRIBLE YOU CAN’T EAT THIS, you’re going to get cavities and die!!!!”⁣

“What are you doing?? Have you lost your mind? You’ve been eating wayyyy to much ice cream lately. What’s wrong with you??”⁣

“You’ve GOT to get it together and stop eating like this or you’re going to get very sick. This is unacceptable.”⁣

🚨 “RED ALERT!!!!!!!” 🚨 my brain was saying, over and over and over.⁣

I hadn’t felt that way in sooo long.⁣

That’s when I realized. ⁣

Deep inside, I was FREAKING THE F OUT about this other thing going on in my life. I felt like there was no way out of a situation I was dealing with and that expressing how I truly felt was not an option, cause that would be selfish or make me a “bad person.” ⁣

So I‘d swallowed my feelings and muzzled myself. Doing so left me feeling trapped in an uncomfortable situation without a sense of control. It was eating me from the inside. ⁣

So when we sat down to eat, I started to micromanage the only thing I felt control over: food.⁣



Have you ever felt like this??? I hope not, but if you have, you’re not alone or crazy.⁣

You know what IS crazy?⁣

I’m not actually trapped. And neither are you. There is a door. You are allowed to walk out the door if staying in a room causes you to compromise who you are, your values, your needs, or if you don’t even know why but it just feels wrong and bad in there.⁣

You’re allowed to just get up and leave. You’ve just been made to BELIEVE that you have to stay. That to leave is betrayal. When really, to NOT leave is only a betrayal of yourself.⁣

I hope if you find yourself in this situation, you give yourself permission to walk out the door.🚪 ⁣

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