What to do when you're eating out of control

There is no worse feeling than feeling out of control with food and your body.⁣

It makes you feel like such a failure, feel so uncomfortable in your body and it makes loving yourself practically IMPOSSIBLE.⁣

How can you love yourself when your mind is constantly reciting all the ways that you’re a failure and listing out all the ways that you’re falling short?⁣

Here’s one way to start silencing this voice of criticism & find some relief RIGHT NOW. ⁣

Write it out. All of it. Everything your brain is saying to you, write it down until there’s nothing left unsaid. 📝 ⁣

Writing it down helps get it OUT of your head. 🧠 Don’t hold back. There’s nothing you can say that’s going to scare away your journal.📓 ⁣

Then, (cringe alert) start writing down things about your body you are grateful for. (For example, that you can walk. That you can breathe. That you’re healthy. That you have eyes that work). ⁣

DIG DEEP. There is no such thing as something too insignificant to be grateful for. Go ham with this.⁣

Then, feel the shift in your body. Keep doing this. Over and over whenever that voice comes in.⁣

Sending 💖🧘🏼‍♀️

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