Why is it so hard to stop eating?

The straight-up HONEST TRUTH about healing food issues 👇🏻⁣

Ever wondered why food issues are so hard to fix? How no matter what diet you try, you still end up alone with a box of chocolate at the end of the night? You think to yourself... “if only I had more self control, I could stop doing this...”⁣

Mmmhmmmm. Been there. I feel ya, friend.⁣

But let’s think this through. Is willpower really the problem? I’m sure you’ve accomplished really hard things in your life that required a lot of willpower. So why are you still struggling with food?⁣


🍔 Think about it. What is ACTUALLY the solution to feeling stressed, bored or upset? Ice cream??? No. What you needed in that moment was someone to say,⁣

“Hey. I get it, you’re upset. Tell me more about that. What’s going on? I’m here for you. Is there anything I can do?” and give you a hug.⁣

When you aren’t used to having someone do that for you, you never learn how to do it for yourself. And when you don’t know how to do that for yourself, you turn to food to take care of you instead. 🍩🍭🍫💕⁣

Food goes from being “just food” to a way to feel calm, comforted, in control and stabilize your emotions. 🍦🧘🏼‍♀️🍦⁣

You can change up your diet all you want. But until you stitch up the deeper wound and learn how to handle your feelings, dieting will just be a band aid on a deeper issue (and it’ll keep resulting in emotional eating...)

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