The reason you emotionally eat

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Have you ever noticed that after you emotionally eat a bunch of food you feel like crap?

You started eating cause you thought it would feel good, but after you do it, you end up feeling worse whether it's emotionally, mentally or physically.

Inside you're saying to yourself "damn why the HELL did I just do that!? I literally hate myself rn. Why the heck do I always do that? I gotta be better tomorrow."

You vow that tomorrow you're going to be so "good." You're gonna have a "better" day. You wake up, start off great and stick to your healthy habits.

Until that moment comes.

And it's like an animal force comes over your brain and suddenly you're eating chocolate non-stop in a trance-like state.

When you finally surface the voice inside your head screams, "WOWWW REALLY SELF? How did I literally just do that AGAINNN?"

It's possibly one the most frustrating experiences in the world.

Wellllll, these food habits have a purpose. They're related to our feelings (shocker). Find out more about why we use food to cope & how it holds us back in my latest vid.

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P.S. I believe in you!

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