How to end emotional eating PERMANENTLY

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

I’ve heard the phrase “your thoughts create your reality” wayyyy to many times & honestly it’s killing me. Cause honestly, it just ain’t true.

Especially when it comes to our relationship to food.

If your thoughts created your reality, wouldn’t it be so much simpler? You could just THINK “I’m not going to eat that entire pan of brownies because that’s not what my body needs” or “My body is a temple” over and over again and *boom* eating issues solved.

Your thoughts don’t create your reality. Your feelings (especially your unconscious ones) create your reality.

Your emotions, not your thoughts are what’s preventing you from making one choice and not another.

You can’t permanently change the way you think without changing the way you feel.

And you’ll never change your reality simply by changing the way you think.

You eat that brownie because there’s something deeeep compelling you to do it.

That deeper urge is emotional - deep stored unconscious emotion that hasn’t been fully processed yet.

The only way to truly, actually change our reality from the inside out is to… drumroll please… feel our feelings (gasp)!!!

Everything we do, we do because we either want to feel something we don’t already feel (love, comfort, happiness, freedom) or to in order to AVOID feeling something we DO feel (pain, sadness, fear, guilt) (and most of this is happening below our awareness).

Once we start to become aware of our FEELS on a deeper level, we become able to effortlessly choose behavior that actually creates the reality we want, cause we don't have deep unconscious shit controlling what we say and do!

You can change your thoughts all day long but unless we take it a level deeper and explore our feelings, that reality ain’t gonna change!

(The good news: it's not too hard. You can start by simply paying more attention to how you feel rather than what you're thinking.)

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