Stop letting fear & anxiety run your mind in circles.

Taking deep breaths, repeating positive affirmations and even talking to a therapist doesn’t always work. You’ve got a toolkit of coping mechanisms when it comes to anxiety and fear… but sometimes those things just don’t do the trick.

Sometimes you get stuck in chronic, incessant anxiety that no matter what you try, doesn’t seem to go away.

> On the outside you go about your day completely normally but on the inside you’re constantly being triggered by other peoples’ comments or by the thought of having to make a phone call and it makes you second guess yourself and feel overly-emotional all. the. time.

> You try super hard to do the right thing and make sure other people feel comfortable all the time but if someone around you isn’t feeling okay or is acting weird, it completely throws you off and sends you ruminating about what you did wrong.

> Despite endlessly racking your brain for what you could have done wrong and how you can improve as a person, there just seems to be this chronic pit in your stomach of anxiousness and worry a lot of the time for no reason.

The worst part?

If you didn’t have so much fear in your life, you kinda sorta feel like you have a lot of potential you could be using. Like, you’re actually super special but there’s sooo much self-doubt shrouding the real you.

and that's no way to live.

You KNOW you could be a lot more productive and save sooo much time and energy if you weren’t bogged down by fear.


You could be using alllll of that anxious energy to pursue your creative goals, discover hidden talents and embrace who you really are -


(imagine all the time you spend making decisions and debating how to decline an unwanted invitation spent on projects you CARE about!!!)


Yep, I know because I’ve been there 1000%. And honestly, I thought living with a pit in my stomach was just normal and that I’d have to accept it. 

But that isn't the case...

I get that the prospect of moving beyond fear and anxiety might seem a little distant right now, and like there’s an immovable block between you and freedom. 

But I can assure you that not only is it possible, it’s only when you move beyond fear that you discover the person you’ve always wanted to become.

I made this workbook so that you can begin to have a taste of that freedom as soon as possible, and learn a practical tool that you can use again and again to truly get to the bottom of your anxiety and dissolve it’s source.


This workbook will help you:


> Be free to walk this Earth without fear that life is going to come crashing down if something bad happens because you know that you’re going to be okay no matter what

> Break out of the spiral of fear and anxiety in the moment by learning how to identify and neutralize the seeds of self-doubt and insecurity that all fear stems from 


> Stop sabotaging yourself by removing the underlying beliefs that are guiding your interpretation of life’s events


> Feel more whole, empowered and comfortable setting boundaries and expressing yourself because you’re developing emotional intimacy with yourself and you understand what you really want




A 6 step process that will take you from feeling anxious as heck to empowered and in-control.


It’s time to work through anxiety in a way that genuinely lessens the pull of triggers over time and replaces that response with a genuine core of self-worth, confidence and freedom in your life.


What’s inside:


> A downloadable workbook you can print or use online outlining a 6-step process to work through any fear and determine its root cause (a process that you can use an infinite amount of times).


> 6 writing prompts designed to reveal self-sabotaging beliefs and guidance on how to release them.


> A process that's easy, quick and effective so you can do it in-the-moment whenever fear or anxiety arises.


Price: $13